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ABC Challenge – Q is for quilted manicure


Hello and happy Wednesday everyone :) Today it’s time for the letter Q on our weekly ABC challenge and this was a tough one. I had hard time finding a polish that starts with a Q. Those that I found, I didn’t care for too much and I didn’t want to waste money on a bottle of polish that I don’t really want just because the name starts with a right letter ;) So I decided to do a quilted manicure. I’m not sure if this really counts as quilted mani but that’s what I’m calling it to get this darn letter over and done with.

As a base I used a coat of Color Club’s Where’s The Soiree? black creme and HK Girl fast drying top coat. Then I taped the pattern and applied two coats of OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand shade Jinx. Removed the tapes right after and let the mani dry. Could’ve done a better job with this one but I was in a hurry and just needed to get something done. Either way, I liked how this looked IRL and I LOVE Jinx! It is stunning!

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ABC Challenge – L is for leopard prints


Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! This week I finally decided to do some nail art and the obvious choice here was the leopard prints. As a base I used my yesterday’s OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! mani.

For these I used Oumax acrylic paints. I took some dark purple and mixed in white to make the lilac color. Then I used a thin nail art brush to paint on the spots. I didn’t want to cover the whole nail cos I felt it might have been too much with these colors. After the lilac part was done I did the black parts. I let those dry for a bit too and then added some Sally Hansen Strobe Light holographic glitter over the lilac parts for extra sparkle. Waited for a little longer and then added the top coat.

I actually really liked how these turned out. The colors looked nice and appropriate for spring time too :)

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Born Pretty Store Pink bow knot review


Today I have another Born Pretty Store review for you and this time it’s pink bow knots. These are sheer-ish pink bows with a hint of glitter. The material is hard so they don’t bend at all. The size is rather large and the bottom is straight and smooth.

In this mani I used pink creme polish OPI If You Moust You Moust and added the white dots using a dotting tool and OPI Alpine Snow. I let those dry for a bit and added the top coat. After the whole manicure was dry I added a drop of top coat on my nail and placed the bow on it, pressing it down gently. If you want these to stay on for sure and for a little longer time I suggest you use strong nail adhesive or something similar.

These were very easy to place on my nail and they make a great addition to your party manicure. You might want to add these as a final touch to your look though, after you have done your hair and makeup. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to glue these on and you’re good to go.

You can buy these from Born Pretty Store and they also have a wide range of nail art supplies. Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Please use the code “NZL91” when you order and get extra -10% discount.

***These were sent for review.



Pink dotting tool manicure


Today it’s my first try on a dotting tool manicure. It’s been a lot of first times for so many things for me and this blog lately. My last year was so insane that I had no time or energy to obsess over cosmetics or nail polish. Life is starting to return to normal and my inner cosmetics freak is raising it’s head again, big time. Lately I’ve also gotten into indie polish and been shopping a lot of those lately. I hope you guys are gonna be interested in what I’ve found from the indie world too cos there’s gonna be a lot of those coming up.

Oh well, on with the babble and let’s talk about this manicure ;) For this I applied two coats of Models Own Soda Pop Pink and let that dry for a bit. Then I used different size dotting tools with Color Club Where’s The Soiree?, OPI Alpine Snow and Models Own Moody Grey polishes to make the dots. Then I allowed the dots to dry for a little bit before applying the top coat to prevent them from smudging. This was a quick and easy manicure and IMO it looks pretty cool too.



a england – She Walks In Beauty


And so has the first a england polish now found it’s way to my polish drawer. I saw two absolutely stunning manicures done with She Walks In Beauty and I couldn’t resist buying it anymore. These awesome glitter tips manicures can be found from The Swatchaholic and The Polished Perfectionist blogs. As soon as I realized I had already bought the green manicure’s Grace Green polish (surprisingly found it from a discount bin ;) ) I gave in and clicked She Walks In Beauty on my shopping cart. Now I also have the gorgeous purple Essence polish seen on The Swatchaholic’s photos on it’s way to me along with the three other Snow Jam polishes. (Thanks J ♥ ).

I decided to layer She Walks In Beauty with OPI Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh and instead of the tips I applied the glitter on the nail bed. I loved how subtle and beautiful this combination was. I think you can really see the true beauty and details of this polish better when it’s not applied on the whole nail. This polish has excellent formula and it’s just truly stunning. It’s definitely worth getting if you’re thinking about buying a england polishes :)




Holiday theme month: Let it snow!


Here’s a blue snowflake manicure. I used the amazing blue shimmer polish, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! for the base and silver Konad special polish for stamping. The patterns are again from the XL Christmas stamping plate that I got from a Finnish webstore. That plate has a lot of snowflake images and I used a few of the for this manicure. As a topcoat over the stamping I used Inm Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Gold which adds a little sparkle. Silver one would’ve been better so I have to add that to my shopping list.

My hand is still a little shaky while I do the stamping so some of the patterns aren’t as sharp looking as they could be. I just gotta keep practicing I guess :) I really liked this look too and it was a nice using blue nail polish for a change. I can’t even remember the last time I had blue on my nails.

Do you guys prefer these manicures with some nail art on them over regular swatch photos or should I just keep doing both?


Macro shot shows how amazing Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! is.