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Some ColourPop goodness


My first ColourPop order of the year arrived last week. I really love their lip products and sparkling eyeshadows. So it’s not a surprise that those are what I ordered this time too. This is going to be a picture heavy post :)

My first ColourPop order


So I jumped on to the ColourPop bandwagon that is going strong especially on YouTube and ordered my first pretties. Now it’s safe to say that I’m hooked! I absolutely love the products that I ordered and I can’t wait to get more. I’ve just seen the new Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks and O M G (!!) Matte is my favorite lipstick finish so I’m really, really excited about those. I want all of them now :D So I’ll be placing a new order as soon as those heavenly lip colors are released.

So what was in my first order?


Matching Nails & Makeup – My Mother’s Day Look


It’s been a while since I did a “Matching Nails & Makeup” post so here we go. I did this look for Mother’s Day. I started by wanting to do neutral/nude eyes and bright red lipstick and nails and ended up with something else. I remembered my new e.l.f. Disney Elsa palette and wanted to use that. I also had to use fake lashes again cos it’s the pollen season. I’ve been having such bad allergies and I’ve been rubbing my eyes (it’s not a smart thing to do, I know) so hard I’ve lost some lashes too.


IsaDora Eye Color Bar – 62 Surf & Sun (Summer 2015)


I got to see IsaDora Beach Club Summer 2015 collection in a PR-event a couple of weeks ago and it was such an awesome, colorful collection. I immediately fell in love with the Surf & Sun eyeshadow palette….and a few other products.

This palette has such great colors. These feel very smooth and velvet-y. They are not crazy pigmented so there’s no risk of ending up looking like a clown using this but you can definitely get that fresh pop of color. Using a creamy eyeshadow as a base will bring the colors out quite nicely too. (more…)

Matching Nails & Makeup – Delush Polish Time To Kill


Today I’m trying something that is new to my blog. I take a polish/manicure and match my makeup with it to show you guys. Most of these looks are meant to be your average every day look. Something I can wear when I walk out the door to go shopping or just go to a grocery store. I like to play with colors too so there is going to be everything from nude makeup to a smokey eye. Needless to say, I have a lot of makeup and nail polish to match so I shouldn’t run out of material anytime soon :D It’s just a matter of having the time to do my makeup and take photos too. So when ever I have time to do this, you’ll see the results.

So my choice for today’s makeup look was based on Delush Polish Time To Kill from the Slice Of Life Collection. This is a stunning plum jelly that can be worn on it’s own or over a base color. The formula is flawless. It applies nice and thin. Glitters spread evenly without having to place or dab them on. Dry time is also pretty fast. It’s just perfect!

For this manicure I used a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab treatment, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat, a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy, two coats of Time To Kill and HK Girl top coat. I also added a matte top coat (This matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store and I’ll have a review coming up for it later on. You can use the code NZL91 for -10% off your order).



Gorgeous! Right?

So it was easy to create a makeup look for this manicure. I used purple, plum and gold eyeshadows this time but orange would also go great with this if you want a bolder, more colorful look that really makes blue eye color pop. For the eye makeup I used Sleek Make Up Vintage Romance palette. I really like this  palette. The colors are perfect for fall and it’s also good quality for an affordable price. I really need to get more of these :)


For this look I used gold Meet in Madrid and the three purple shades from the left side of the bottom row. These look quite shiny on the lid so I tried not to blend the shadows too high up. I have a lot of area to cover on my lids and if I’m not careful the makeup can end up making me look like a clown.I added false lashes cos the last pregnancy totally messed up my lashes and I have like half of them left and they are much shorter than usual. Hopefully they’ll return to normal soon enough. Till then I’ll be faking it ;)
 This look is pretty subtle and natural with a hint of color on the eyes. Good every day look that could  easily be turned into a darker nighttime look by adding dark eyeliner and creamy eyeshadow as a base to make the eyeshadows more visible.

I hope you liked this post and the idea of matching nails with makeup. I really enjoyed doing a makeup post. It’s been so long since the last one. This was fun for me at least :D


***Time To Kill was sent for review. Matte top coat was gifted to me. All the makeup products were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Overall Beauty Minerals Eye Shadows


A while back lovely Kim from Overall Beauty sent me some of her mineral eye shadows to test. Today I’ll show you swatches of these pretties and later on there will be more detailed reviews and makeup photos using these products. These are loose eye shadows and they come in a 5 g sifter jar. You can also purchase samples.

I’m very happy with the quality of these eye shadows. They are smooth, shimmery and very pretty on their own and eye shadow primer brings out a whole new side of these.

Camelot is a perfect natural day eye shadow. It’s shimmery peachy pink on it’s own and it has a blue flash. With a primer the blue flash is more visible. I actually like to wear that one without a primer cos it’s almost nude looking but makes my eyes look brighter. It just wipes that tired “My kiddos kept me up all night again” look off my face ;)

Up All Night is a super pretty lilac but it’s also very glittery so you will want to wear this by tapping it over a primer or a creamy eye shadow. I prefer to apply eye shadows like these by tapping them on instead of brushing them. That way all the glitter sticks to the base and there is minimal fallout of glitter on your cheekbones.

Last I have to mention Last Exit. This one makes me go “Ohh!” every time I look at it. It’s is totally unique in my collection and it’s just gorgeous. Last Exit is medium grey with amazing pink shimmer. I’ll show you swatches of this over different bases in a near future.



So here are the swatches of these pretties and keep your eyes peeled for more detailed reviews in the future. Overall Beauty Minerals can be purchased from their store (worldwide shipping) along with other cosmetics and several nail polish brands. You can follow Overall Beauty on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.



***These eye shadows were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Sugarpill Reckless Loose Eyeshadow Trio

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend :) It’s been a lazy and slow weekend for me.
This time I have swatches of Sugarpill Reckless Loose Eyeshadow Trio for you. This package has Absinthe, Starling and Stella eyeshadows. I swatched these over Urban Decay Primer Potion Original on the left and GOSH cream eyeshadow stick on the right. Separate swatch on the right side is with Make Up Store Mixing Liguid which can be used to make your loose eyeshadow work as an eyeliner. UDPP seemed to work better than the cream eyeshadow and brought out the best in these shadows. These apply silky smooth and the result is very shiny.

You can buy these as a trio or one at a time from Sugarpillshop.


Sugarpill Absinthe
Sugarpill Starling
Sugarpill Stella

Urban Decay – Naked Basics

Urban Decay keeps releasing new products on their Naked range. Recently also Naked nail polish collection. I myself have all three eyeshadow palettes. Naked Basics is smaller than the previous too palettes and contains six shades. Venus is a very fine shimmer shade, Urban Decay calls it off-white demi-matte. Other five eyshadows are mattes. Foxy can also be found from the Naked 2 palette.

Naked Basics palette is light and small which makes it easy to take on trips and carry in your makeup bag if needed. Shades are all velvet-y smooth and well pigmented. As you can see in the swatch photo Foxy blends in perfectly with my warm toned skin and makes it my go to “nude -no makeup” -look eyeshadow. Naked Basics is great addition to the Naked palette family and matte eyeshadows are a very welcome change from all those shimmers and glitter shades. I’m glad to have this one in my makeup drawer :)


Yes, Foxy is there too. It’s just hard to see cos it matches so perfectly with my skin tone.

Sugarpill 4-Color palette swatches


Today I have Sugarpill 4-Color eyeshadow palette swatches for you. I’m totally in love with Sugarpill makeup and I have all three 4-Color palettes along with a pile of their loose eyeshadows. The color range is bright and in your face awesome! Online you can see a lot of crazy colorful and intense looks made using these eyeshadows. Though I think using these colors for everyday look is perfectly fine too. Just apply with a light hand and you don’t have to use all four shades in a same look. Don’t let the bold and bright colors intimidate you, just give them a change to brighten up your day! I will be doing and photographing a variety of lighter everyday looks with these eyeshadows for you and on some future Sunday I’ll write a post about those.

Sugarpill has two more pressed eyeshadows that are not included in these palettes. First is black Bulletproof and second is red limited edition @#$%!, which I’m DYING to have but it’s not been sold at the moment *sob*

You have any of Sugarpill eyeshadows? Are you interested in these intense, bright shades or do you rather invest your money on a safer color choices?

You can buy these and other eyeshadows from their online store, Sugarpillshop.


Burning Heart: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum
Sweetheart: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako
Heart Breaker: Acidberry, Velocity, 2AM and Mochi

The scratches are what happens when a little girl uses a pencil as

a makeup brush while her father is not paying attention :P



Holiday theme month: Diorshow New Look set

I’m still updating the new design on my blog but I’ll take a little break from that to write you guys a post for a change. I’ve decided that December will be a Holiday theme month on this blog so every post will be about something holiday related and I’ll kick it of by introducing this Christmas set from Dior.
The other day I bought the Diorshow New Look set with mini-size eyeshadow palette 5 Couleurs Grège. I hadn’t tried the New Look mascara yet and I also didn’t have the Grège palette so I just had to buy the set.The brush on the mascara was surprisingly small but easy to use. My first impression of this mascara was very positive but I’ll be writing a full review after I have used it for a little while.
Grège palette is also quite excellent. The eyeshadows are silky smooth, well pigmented and easy to blend. The left side of the palette is warmer and the right side is cold. The middle shade is pretty neutral to me. I took a photo of today’s eye makeup which I did using the left side of the palette and the middle shade.