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Fall appropriate floral manicure


I’ve been wanting to do a nude with black nail art manicure for a while now. At first I was thinking about stamping lace pattern on my nails but that design is all over the place now. Then I considered free hand lace with roses. Didn’t like how that looked. After that I just took my Mosaic M brush and Oumaxi black acrylic paint and started practising wavy lines. Somehow those turned into these flowers and I really liked how they ended up looking. On some parts the black looked too solid and after the paint was dry I took a needle and scratched some of the paint away.

The base is two coats of  Delush Polish In Nude We Trust from the Nue Collection. I believe this is a discontinued shade and it’s now been sold for a discounted price. In Nude We Trust is a very pretty shimmery metallic nude that was easy to apply and dried quickly. Rhinestones are from Konad wheel and matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store.



***Matte top coat was gifted to me. All the other products mentioned were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Freehand lace nail art


After two days my KIKO 512 (see the original post here) manicure still looked so good that I decided to practice some free hand lace nail art on it before removing the mani.

I used my Pure Color NO. 10 brush and white acrylic paint for this design.



***Products used for this manicure were purchased by me.

Negative space animal print manicure


Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and a good start to the year 2015 :)

I’m going to start my blogging year with some free hand nail art and a negative space animal print manicure. Lately I’ve really been enjoying doing some nail art and since I like hand painted decorations I decided I needed a few things to make my life a little easier. So I recently ordered two nail art brushes that are pretty popular and recommended by other nail bloggers. First one, Pure Color NO. 10 already arrived from StylishNailArtShop. Shipping was super fast and I was more than happy with the brush. I think I have some more shopping to do at their store ;)




For this manicure I applied Essie Beam Me as a base coat and then taped the middle of the nail with a slice of blue masking tape. I applied two coats of OPI Over & Over A-Gwen and immediately removed the tapes. Then I applied a coat of HK Girl and let everything dry for a bit.

Next I added the spots on index and middle finger nails using my tiniest dotting tool and Art Club Nail Art Liner You’re Golden. Then I added the stripes on the ring finger and pinky nails using the liners own brush. I let these dry for a bit and then took some black acrylic paint and my new Pure Color brush and painted the black details. At last I added another coat of HK Girl top coat.


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piCture pOlish pretties and Holiday nail art


Since I didn’t die at the dentist (had another wisdom tooth pulled) today I guess I can sit down and show you the nails I did a couple of days ago.

For these I used Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! as base coats.

I applied a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy, a coat of Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Top coat  and HK Girl fast drying top coat on my thumb, middle and ring finger nails.

Then I applied two coats of piCture pOlish Kryptonite on my index finger nail and two coats of O’Hara on my pinky nail and topped them with HK Girl top coat.

After the thumb, middle and ring finger nails were completely dry I placed NailVinyls chevron vinyls on the middle of my nails and used the two piCture pOlish colors to paint next to the cuticle and the tip of the nails. This style was inspired by one of Sloteazzy’s manicures I saw in IG. Obviously the colors I used are completely different but either way I got an idea for this chevron manicure from her :)

I let the polish dry again and then I used a thin nail art brush from Born Pretty Store (review coming up) and white acrylic paint to free hand the snow flakes on my nails. I sealed the nail art in with another coat of HK Girl and done!



***Glitter Gal Galaxy Holo Top coat and nail art brushes were sent for review. piCture pOlish polishes and NailVinyls were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Spring flowers – Acrylic paint nail art


Here’s some nail art I did with Oumaxi acrylic paints. The base color is OPI Alpine Snow. I added some Cesars Secrets loose glitter (#225) on top of it. Painted the flowers with acrylic paints and used A England She Walks In Beauty for some extra sparkle. Everything is topped off with HK Girl top coat. You can find a tutorial (in Finnish) with photos here.



***Alpine Snow, Oumaxi acrylic paints,  Cesars Secrets #225 loose glitter and HK Girl top coat were received for free, everything else purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Nail art on F.U.N. Lacquer thermal polish


Since yesterday’s heart manicure might have scarred me for life my Valentine’s Day nails don’t have hearts on them ;) Instead I decided to use F.U.N. Lacquer Secret Admirer thermal polish as a base for some nail art. I painted some flowers using white and dark pink Oumaxi acrylic paints and added some beautiful glitter, F.U.N. Lacquer Gold Mark from Christmas 2013 collection. I topped it all with HK Girl top coat.

I LOVE how this thermal looks as a base for nail art. I took a photo of a normal room temperature nails and another one with cold tips. My hand painting skills are far from perfect and I need a lot of practice but the beautiful combination of the thermal and gold glitter makes this manicure work great.




***Secret Admirer and Oumaxi acrylic paints were purchased by me. Gold Mark was sent for review and HK Girl was gifted to me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

ABC Challenge – L is for leopard prints


Hi everyone, happy Wednesday! This week I finally decided to do some nail art and the obvious choice here was the leopard prints. As a base I used my yesterday’s OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! mani.

For these I used Oumax acrylic paints. I took some dark purple and mixed in white to make the lilac color. Then I used a thin nail art brush to paint on the spots. I didn’t want to cover the whole nail cos I felt it might have been too much with these colors. After the lilac part was done I did the black parts. I let those dry for a bit too and then added some Sally Hansen Strobe Light holographic glitter over the lilac parts for extra sparkle. Waited for a little longer and then added the top coat.

I actually really liked how these turned out. The colors looked nice and appropriate for spring time too :)

Please go visit all the other ladies on this challenge and see what kind of awesome things they have done this week! Thanks for reading!