Here’s a blue snowflake manicure. I used the amazing blue shimmer polish, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! for the base and silver Konad special polish for stamping. The patterns are again from the XL Christmas stamping plate that I got from a Finnish webstore. That plate has a lot of snowflake images and I used a few of the for this manicure. As a topcoat over the stamping I used Inm Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Gold which adds a little sparkle. Silver one would’ve been better so I have to add that to my shopping list.

My hand is still a little shaky while I do the stamping so some of the patterns aren’t as sharp looking as they could be. I just gotta keep practicing I guess :) I really liked this look too and it was a nice using blue nail polish for a change. I can’t even remember the last time I had blue on my nails.

Do you guys prefer these manicures with some nail art on them over regular swatch photos or should I just keep doing both?


Macro shot shows how amazing Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! is.