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Pink and bling nails


Hello, hello, hello! (I’ve been binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race while being sick with kidney infection and that thing is no joke, let me tell you that). Since I was feeling too sick to even open my laptop for several days it’s taken me much longer than I planned to post these nails. I already showed you this design on my IG though. So here are the details of what I used for this manicure.

Fall appropriate floral manicure


I’ve been wanting to do a nude with black nail art manicure for a while now. At first I was thinking about stamping lace pattern on my nails but that design is all over the place now. Then I considered free hand lace with roses. Didn’t like how that looked. After that I just took my Mosaic M brush and Oumaxi black acrylic paint and started practising wavy lines. Somehow those turned into these flowers and I really liked how they ended up looking. On some parts the black looked too solid and after the paint was dry I took a needle and scratched some of the paint away.

The base is two coats of  Delush Polish In Nude We Trust from the Nue Collection. I believe this is a discontinued shade and it’s now been sold for a discounted price. In Nude We Trust is a very pretty shimmery metallic nude that was easy to apply and dried quickly. Rhinestones are from Konad wheel and matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store.



***Matte top coat was gifted to me. All the other products mentioned were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Polishers Inc. – My Cinderella Hand


Happy Sunday! I’ve missed last two Polishers Inc. Sundays cos of the kids being sick. But now I’m back and today’s theme was “My Cinderella Hand”. So basically do what ever you want on your cinderella hand meaning your other hand you never show on camera.

For me that is my right hand. Doing nail art on my right hand wasn’t a problem really. I do that all the time. Photographing it, now that’s another story LOL Weird poses and finger positions. Sitting on the wrong side of the camera. Everything was so difficult for me. It’s not like I’ve never taken photos of my right hand, cos I have. It just felt like I haven’t. Nevertheless I got something done and the photos taken.

When I hear Cinderella I think of princesses, diamonds and pretty, girly things so that is where I decided to go with this theme.




For this manicure I used Jindie Nails Pink Stilettos, Essie Sugar Daddy on my middle finger, Moo Moo’s Signatures Diamond on my ring finger. The stamping is done with Rica Whiteout and hehe 018 stamping plate. I also added some Swarovskis. Top coat is of course Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

That’s all from me this Sunday but be sure to check out the other ladies and their cinderella hands. You can find the links below.




Polishers Inc. – Safe and Sound


Today’s Polishers Inc. theme was Safe and Sound aka my comfort zone manicure. For me the bright red polish is always a safe choice. I love red nails and red looks great with my skin tone. I also love to use studs and rhinestones. They are so quick and easy to use and nearly impossible to mess up.

For this manicure I used a coat of Essie Nourish Me, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of Delush Polish Glam Squad and HK Girl top coat. I also used different sized clear rhinestones plus black and silver studs for these nails.

Don’t forget to check out the links at the bottom of the post and show some love for the other lovely ladies in this group :)




Jindie Nails – O Holo Night and stamping nail art


Happy Monday! It’s that magical time of the year and what would be a better polish to paint your nails with than the one that is called O Holo Night :D

“This one is a blackened navy blue linear holo with violet/blue glass fleck shimmer and made with SpectraFlair, the most potent holographic pigment on the market.  This is opaque in 2 coats!”

Formula on this was very good. Easy to apply, no dragging or balding and it was almost opaque already on one coat. Dry time was quick and it didn’t stain my nails. Unfortunately this time of the year there’s not enough sun here in Finland to see the holo effect as amazing as it would be in direct sunlight so I just have to show you how beautiful this looks with just daylight bulbs.

For this manicure I used a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of O Holo Night and HK Girl top coat.



Stamping is done with OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, squishy XL stamper and XL stamping plate OB-M. Rhinestones are from Konad Pro Rhinestone Pallet Set 7.

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes from JindieNails.com or from authorized distributors. You can find the latest news, releases and restock info from their FB and IG.



***All the products on this post were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

More Holiday nail art


I’m probably going to do nude nails for a month after all these sparkling, glitter-y nails I’ve been doing lately :D But till then, here goes another Holiday manicure.

For these nails I used Mavala polishes 105 Antarctic and 140 Magic Circus. I also used decorations from Born Pretty Store. I don’t quite know what to call those. I guess they are something in between of studs and rhinestones. These decorations come in a wheel that has different sizes and colors in it. This one is perfect for when your nail art is missing that one bright pink or ocean blue stud. I have a ton of decorations but I always seem to be missing some particular color. So this wheel is perfect for my collection and all the colors in it are very usable.

There’s quite a few different colors on this wheel and this time I just picked up green, red and silver ones. Like studs and rhinestones these are easy to use. Just place them on wet polish or apply a drop of top coat first then seal them in with the top coat of your choice. I used HK Girl and as you can see it didn’t make these bleed any color or dull them in any way. On the photos there’s a generous coat of HK Girl sealing them in.



For this manicure I used:

My usual base coats, Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!

Mavala 105 Antarctic. Very well pigmented white with a hint of shimmer that makes the polish look somewhat softer than plain white creme. Easy enough to apply for a white polish and two coats was enough for opaque and even looking result.

Mavala 140 Magic Circus from the Holiday 2014 collection. The color combination on this one instantly made me think of Christmas. I applied a coat on the middle of the nails and allowed it to dry for a bit. Then I dabbed in a second coat and placed some glitter pieces in the empty spots.

For the ring finger I used a coat of Magic Circus and then placed the decorations on to the wet polish.

Last I applied a generous coat of HK Girl on all the nails.

You can find the nail decoration wheel from Born Pretty Store and they also have a wide range of other nail art supplies. Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Please use the code “NZL91” when you order and get extra -10% discount.




***Mavala polishes and the decoration wheel were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Born Pretty Store stamping plate 02 review – Lace nails


I recently received 10 new stamping plates from Born Pretty Store and instead of showing all of them at the same time I’m going to do a design with each of them and show them one or two at a time.

I’ve been wanting to do lace style nails for a long time now and stamping plate 02 had perfect patterns for that. It looks like stamping plate 02 design has changed a bit since they sent mine to me and the exact pattern I used is no longer on the new plate. On the new design there’s still very pretty lace patterns and the new ones are actually big enough to cover your whole nail. On this older plate the pattern I used was a tiny bit too narrow to cover my whole nail so I ended up using it only on the tips and the sides of the ring finger nail.

This plate worked great for me. I’m really a beginner when it comes to stamping nail art and I’ve only done stamping a few times. I had no trouble at all with this plate. The pattern transferred perfectly to the stamper and on to the nails.




I started by doing a nude base using a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab nail treatment, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat and a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy. I also added OPI In True Stefani Fashion to the areas where I was going to stamp so that the beautiful holo glitter pieces would sparkle through the lace pattern. I finished with HK Girl top coat and let the manicure dry.

After the mani was dry I applied IsaDora Peel Off Basecoat on my cuticles to protect them from the black stamping polish. I cut pieces of blue masking tape and placed those on to my nails to cover the areas where I didn’t want to stamp. I didn’t want all the tips to look exactly the same so I tried to place the tape pieces a little differently on each nail. After all this was done I took my XL squishy stamper and black Konad stamping polish and stamped the patterns. Then I immediately removed the tapes and peel of base coat and cleaned up the little bit of black polish that got on to my skin.

Next I took a fine nail art brush and black acrylic paint. I drew a thin line next to the pattern and filled out the tiny little gaps here and there that I missed with my stamper (cos I’m simply not good enough at this yet :D ). I added the details on the ring finger between the stamping and let everything dry well again. After a while I added HK Girl top coat and rhinestones (also from Born Pretty Store) and I was done.



I absolutely love how these turned out. I’ll definitely be doing similar nails again and maybe a matching makeup look :)

You can buy the newly designed stamping plate 02 from Born Pretty Store and they also have a wide range of other nail art supplies. Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Please use the code “NZL91” when you order and get extra -10% discount.





***This stamping plate was sent for review. Rhinestones were gifted to me. Essie Sugar Daddy, Konad polish and black acrylic paint were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Matching Nails & Makeup – Cadillacquer The Rest Is Silence


I recently placed my first Cadillacquer order and here’s the first one of the two polishes I bought, The Rest Is Silence from the Sons of Anarchy Collection. I know I just did a “Matching Nails & Makeup” post but the opportunity to use turquoise on my makeup was too good to pass so here goes another makeup post :D

The Rest Is Silence is a GORGEOUS light turquoise polish with a subtle holo effect and pink shimmer. I can’t even… this polish is so so stunning!

Formula was excellent. Two easy coats for an opaque result. Dry time was normal and removal was easy. No staining the nails and no chipping during the three days I wore this manicure. This Cadillacquer beauty lived up to it’s good reputation and my first experience with this brand was a really positive one.

For this manicure I used a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of The Rest Is Silence and HK Girl top coat. For the ring finger nails I placed some studs (no longer available or at least I couldn’t find a link for you. I bought those sometime last year), waterdrops and rhinestones. All of them are from Born Pretty Store and you can use the code NZL91 for -10% off your order.



Yep, I told you, stunning polish!
And then on to the makeup look. I didn’t want to go all crazy with the turquoise so I decided to just use it on my lower lid and leave the upper lid neutral with big lashes.
For this look I used:
Upper lid
UDPP for a base
Urban Decay Burnout, Buzz and Strange (Naked 3 palette)
False eyelashes
Lower lid
GOSH Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil in Cool Mint
Urban Decay Deep End (Fun palette)
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi
I really liked how this looked. Neutral enough for every day use but still had enough color to make it look fun and fresh :) This is a very quick and easy look to create and you can use pretty much any color on your lower lid as long as it looks good on you.
***The Rest Is Silence and makeup products used on this post were purchased by me. Studs were purchased by me. Waterdrops and rhinestones were gifted to me. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.