And so has the first a england polish now found it’s way to my polish drawer. I saw two absolutely stunning manicures done with She Walks In Beauty and I couldn’t resist buying it anymore. These awesome glitter tips manicures can be found from The Swatchaholic and The Polished Perfectionist blogs. As soon as I realized I had already bought the green manicure’s Grace Green polish (surprisingly found it from a discount bin ;) ) I gave in and clicked She Walks In Beauty on my shopping cart. Now I also have the gorgeous purple Essence polish seen on The Swatchaholic’s photos on it’s way to me along with the three other Snow Jam polishes. (Thanks J ♥ ).

I decided to layer She Walks In Beauty with OPI Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh and instead of the tips I applied the glitter on the nail bed. I loved how subtle and beautiful this combination was. I think you can really see the true beauty and details of this polish better when it’s not applied on the whole nail. This polish has excellent formula and it’s just truly stunning. It’s definitely worth getting if you’re thinking about buying a england polishes :)