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Jindie Nails – I’m Rick James B****h!


Hello! I’m making good progress on getting the new blog ready and now I have a moment to show you this awesome new Jindie Nails polish. This is I’m Rick James B***h!

“a silver holographic polish that is very complex.  It has multiple sizes of micro silver, premium holographic glitters and pigments, real silver flakies, rainbow pear flakies and 3 other larger, multi-color shifting flakies throughout.  It is opaque in only 2 coats, but can be worn as a topper with one very light coat.”


Jindie Nails – Red Velvet Revolver Re-formulated


Hello lovelies! Let’s try this comeback again. Believe it or not but we have been sick … AGAIN … and this time it was norovirus. It’s still not completely gone but I’m good enough to sit down and do something. I have so so much stuff to show you guys. I would need at least a week to work a few hours a day to get everything photographed, tested, blog posts written etc. Unfortunately I don’t have a few extra hours a day right now but I’ll try my best to get the regular posts going again as soon as possible.

So today I have another Jindie Nails polish for you. This is Red Velvet Revolver Re-formulated. It’s a gorgeous burgundy jelly with gold, silver and holographic glitter. This was actually more opaque than I expected and I got a good result with just two coats. Application was easy and I didn’t fish for the glitter. I did turn the bottle upside down before application as usual. Also no glitter placement was needed. (more…)

Glam Polish – Fairytale Life Duo (Mei Mei’s Signatures Exclusive)


For a while I’ve been drooling over Glam Polish pretties and I finally got around ordering some. I bought the Fairytale Duo that is Mei Mei’s Signatures exclusive. The polishes are pink Princess Parking Only and purple Beauty Queen. Can I just say OMG!! I love these!

Princess Parking Only is such a bright pink, almost neon and Beauty Queen is the prettiest purple I own now. These are so bright and loud and super pretty at the same time. Both of them also have holo micro glitter on them. Unfortunately I have no sunlight photo of Princess Parking Only but it is a sparkling as Beauty Queen is on direct sunlight.

Formula on both of these was excellent, almost a one coater. So easy to apply and normal dry time. I wore both of these for three days and there was no chipping or staining the nails. You have to rub a little with the remover cos of the micro-glitter but nothing like actual glitter polish.

For both of these manicures I have a coat of Essie Nourish Me, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two thin coats of polish and HK Girl top coat.

The duo is not available at the moment but will be restocked in the future. Follow Mei Mei’s Signatures FB page for more information.

If you missed my yesterday’s post please click here and check out the info about the changes to my social media pages. Also if you could be so kind and go like my new FB page I’d greatly appreciate it.


***This duo was purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking the links on this post in any way. 


Jindie Nails – Baby Love, My Baby Love


Hey! It’s Thursday and it means the weekend is almost here!

Today I have a new Jindie Nails polish to show you. This is Baby Love, My Baby Love, a gorgeous sheer peachy pink glitter polish in an amazing shimmer base. This one has such a glow to it and the mix of glitters is just awesome. Sheer base leaves this looking very light and delicate when worn alone and that makes it perfect for spring and summer. This one is just lovely!

Formula was on a thin side and easy to apply perfectly. Thin formula also makes this good for applying more than one or two coats and with three coats you get a lot of glow and enough glitter. I turned the bottle upside down before application and did a little bit of fishing for the biggest glitter pieces. This applied very evenly and there was no need for glitter placement. I chose to wear this alone cos I love how feminine it looks that way but you can layer this over a creme polish to have an opaque look and make the shimmer pop out even more.



This is a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, three thin coats of Baby Love, My Baby Love and Rica Glossy Glam top coat.

I don’t have a release date for this polish yet so follow Jindie Nails social media accounts and keep your eyes peeled for it.

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes from or from authorized distributors. You can find the latest news, releases and restock info from their FB and IG.


***This was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace – Eyelet and Ruffle




Today I have another two Sally Hansen polishes to show you. These are white 830 Eyelet and black 840 Ruffle from the Luxe Lace Spring 2015 collection.

Both of these are one color matte hex glitter in different sizes on a clear base. Formula was good and easy to apply. There was no need to fish for the glitter and two coats gave enough coverage. I wanted to play along with the lace theme and used a nude base for these but of course you can layer these with any color you want.



These are simple and very usable glitters. I love the fact that they are matte and just one color and shape. I have quite a few black & white glitters but none in just black or white that are this basic and trust me, sometimes basic is good. If you want to add something more you can always use another glitter together with these or apply these over a gradient base. You can also apply a coat of each if you don’t have and b&w glitter. There’s a lot of different ways to use these!

Both of the polishes have a coat of Essie Beam Up and a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy as a base. Then two coats of glitter and a coat of HK Girl.

With the black Ruffle I also added a coat of OPI In True Stefani Fashion before the black glitter to show how it works with a little added sparkle.


***These polishes were sent for review.


One of my all time favorite Jindies


I think I got Jindie Nails Princess Breath from one of the first review packages I received from them and it has remained as one of my favorites since I first tried it two years ago.

I recently got a brand new bottle and decided to revisit this gorgeous polish. Formula was excellent! No dragging or balding, no streaks and it was opaque on two easy coats. I did turn the bottle upside down before application but I didn’t fish for any of the glitters and no glitter placement was done. What you see is what you get with normal application.


This is one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of Princess Breath and Rica Glossy Glam top coat.

You can buy Jindie Nails polishes from or from authorized distributors. You can find the latest news, releases and restock info from their FB and IG.


***Princess Breath was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.