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My nails are on fire!


On last week’s ABC Challenge Meredith from Perfectly Polished did these pink nails with Color Club Snow-Flakes. I liked the way those looked and it inspired me to try Snow-Flakes with neon orange. I chose Color Club’s Wham! Pow! from their Poptastic collection and it was just perfect for this look.

For these nails I used three coats of Wham! Pow! and two coats of Snow-Flakes plus Inm Out The Door top coat. The result made my nails look like they were on fire. This was such a bright combination, especially outside in sunlight :D




Color Club – Cherubic


Today I have Color Club Cherubic for you. You already might have seen a photo of this on my yesterday’s post too. Cherubic is from Color Club’s 2012  Halo Hues collection. This collection had six holographic polishes. The holo effect is very strong on this one and top coat doesn’t reduce it at all. For this year Color Club is coming up with another six holoshades (YAY!) and you can have a little taste of what they look like on their Facebook-page.

Cherubic is nude/beige holo polish that applies nice and smooth. Dry time was also very fast. On this mani I used two coats of Cherubic and Inm Out The Door top coat. This time I didn’t have any base coat cos I have the UV-gel on my nails now.

I totally fell in love with this one! It’s just gorgeous and stunning! Now I’m obsessed about getting all the rest of these shades plus the ones that are coming out this year ;D



ABC Challenge – E is for Editorial


It’s time for letter E this week and for that I chose Color Club Editorial. I didn’t have anything cool for E so I just took the easy way out ;) I actually bought something but it didn’t make it here in time :( Editorial is one of the eight thousand Chanel Peridot dupes out there. I can actually still find Peridot from the local stores here but I can’t justify paying almost 30 euros for the shade I kinda already have. So I’m sticking with Color Club’s much more affordable version instead.

Editorial is gold and green duochrome. For this I only applied one coat. The first time I tried it I got a lot of bubbles. It could’ve been the base coat though. This time I used one coat of Essie Nourish Me and had no issues. As you can see it looks a bit brushstroke-y on the photos but not so much IRL. This one is definitely worth getting if you’ve been thinking about getting Chanel Peridot but the price gets in the way and you don’t already own one of the dupes.

So this was my entry for the letter E.



ABC Challenge – A is for Age Of Aquarius


I decided to join the ABC Challenge that is hosted by Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Corner. There’s quite a few of us doing this challenge and it’s not too late to join in if you’re interested. Just contact Kimber and come aboard, the more the merrier. We are posting once a week, on Wednesdays and rules are really simple. You choose a polish, brand or style of nail art that starts with a certain letter, naturally this week it’s A, next is B and so on.

I had actually already started this challenge on my own before Kimber announced that she is starting it and I post the letter A already. So I’ll be lazy and use the same polish, Color Club Age Of Aquarius and photo for this too :P


Holiday theme month: Green-ish gold manicure again


It was a time for the gold manicure again. Gold is just such a perfect color for this Holiday season that I can’t get enough of it. Again I used two coats of Color Club Editorial and on top of that a coat of Color Club Sultry Diva, golden glitter polish. This looked just lovely IRL. Editorial brought a hint of green to the gold glitter and the finish ended up being an interesting sandy/gritty looking.

I thought it would be a real pain removing this mani but to my surprise it was very easy. I might someday be brave enough to try Sultry Diva alone without fearing the removing process.


Macro-shot. Sultry Diva is all gold glitter so it must be Editorial that is
changing some of it to appear green.


Holiday theme month: Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

Green is always a great color choice for the Holiday season. Color Club’s Ho-Ho-Holly is part of their new Winter Affair Holiday 2012 collection.
It’s a green foil packed with gold shimmer. This polish is opaque with two coats and dry time is normal.
In this mani I used:  OPI Natural Nail Strengthener x2, Ho-Ho-Holly x2 and INM Out The Door Super fast drying top coat.


Color Club Oooooo La La with Snow-Flakes

This time I wanted a lighter, fresh looking manicure. I decided to use Color Club’s Oooooo La La (Spring 2009 Femme Fatale) and Snow-Flakes (Holiday 2012 Winter Affair) polishes together.
I applied two coats of pearly white Oooooo La La and one coat of Snow-Flakes. I think it would’ve been better with two coats of each polish but I was afraid of a long dry time. Snow-Flakes brings depth and beautiful shine to the white polish and it looks a lot colder shade layered with white than it does in the bottle.
Unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture what the mani really looked like and all of it’s little color changes. Peachy-pink shimmer on the nail doesn’t show up on these photos at all.


Color Club – Berry and Bright


Here’s Color Club Berry and Bright from their new Winter Affair collection. Bright shimmer-microglitter red polish. This was opaque with just one coat. Removing was a bit slower than usual cos of all the shimmer and microglitter in it, but not too annoying.

This is a beautiful and glowing shade, perfect for the upcoming Holiday season :)

I’m just so annoyed by these short nail photos that I’ll most likely photograph these ugly nail pic polishes again someday.

 In this mani I used: OPI Natural Nail Strengthener x2, Berry and Bright x2 and INM Out The Door Super fast drying top coat.




Color Club – Warhol


Since my iPhone 4S has been able to take such accurate pics of my daughters pink clothes and Hello Kitty blanket I decided to test if it works well on pink nail polish too. Photo turned out ok and the color is probably a little closer to reality than it would be if I took the photo using my regular camera.

Warhol is coral-y neon-pink polish. It dries fast and the finish is semi-matte without a topcoat. This needs at least two, rather three coats to be opaque. The shade of pink is delicious on this one :)

In this mani I used Nail Tek II x2, Warhol x2 and Seche Vite.


Color Club – Best Dressed List


Here’s something a little more neutral after the leopard nails. This kind of shade is always a good choice when your nails aren’t an even length and/or shape. It doesn’t stand out too much and make the little flaws more obvious. This was a perfect polish to choose for my nails right now. Caramel-y shade also flatters my warm skintone (which looks cold in this photo for some reason). I find this shade to be quite elegant and I have to use this again when my nails are longer.

Best Dressed List is quite well pigmented and applies like a dream. One coat was enough for an opaque result for my nails. Longer nails will require two coats. Drying time was also quite quick with Seche Vite.

In this mani I used: Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment base coat x2, Best Dressed List x1 and Seche Vite on top.