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ABC Challenge – P is for Port-folio


Today’s been another super busy day for me so this late post is also gonna be pretty short ;) For the letter P I chose Color Club’s beautiful Port-folio. I got this a while ago and it was still in my untrieds pile so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to finally wear this one. Port-folio was released in the Fall 2012 In The True Fashion collection.

This is a purple and green duochrome. The duochrome effect is pretty strong. This applies well and dries fast. On the photos I have three coats of Port-folio and HK Girl top coat. Two coats will easily be enough for shorter nails.



ABC Challenge – E is for Editorial


It’s time for letter E this week and for that I chose Color Club Editorial. I didn’t have anything cool for E so I just took the easy way out ;) I actually bought something but it didn’t make it here in time :( Editorial is one of the eight thousand Chanel Peridot dupes out there. I can actually still find Peridot from the local stores here but I can’t justify paying almost 30 euros for the shade I kinda already have. So I’m sticking with Color Club’s much more affordable version instead.

Editorial is gold and green duochrome. For this I only applied one coat. The first time I tried it I got a lot of bubbles. It could’ve been the base coat though. This time I used one coat of Essie Nourish Me and had no issues. As you can see it looks a bit brushstroke-y on the photos but not so much IRL. This one is definitely worth getting if you’ve been thinking about getting Chanel Peridot but the price gets in the way and you don’t already own one of the dupes.

So this was my entry for the letter E.