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My first NCLA polishes


I received my first ever NCLA polishes this week. I was very excited to try these cos they are my first 7-free polishes. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brand plus their color and finish selection is amazing. I also got NCLA Treatments First Base base coat to test.

Blue Essies for winter with a hint of gold


There’s still a good amount of snow on the ground here in Finland so it’s a perfect time of the year to wear blue polishes. I just always associate blue polish with winter. I did another very quick and easy nail art thingy too. That’s all I have time for nowadays. My youngest one is a real life human tornado and when he is up it is completely impossible for me to do my nails. So quick and easy manis it is :)

IDUN Minerals Nail Polish – Agat


Today I have sort of a teaser for you since IDUN Minerals products are not available around the world yet. I just want to show you this and some of their other products in upcoming posts in case the brand comes available in your country in a future. IDUN Minerals is a Swedish mineral makeup company and you can read more about their products from their website.

The first product I’m going to show you is one of their nail polishes. At the moment their line has 13 colors plus a base coat and top coat. IDUN polishes are 5-Free. The bigger cap on the bottle comes off easy leaving a smaller one that is easier to hold when you paint your nails.


My new favorite black!


A good black creme polish is one of the must haves in every polish addicts collection. I already had two good ones and now I think I’ve found my favorite one yet, Glitter Gal Serpent Black.

This black is very well pigmented, a one coater if you apply a generous coat. It also evens itself out perfectly, doesn’t run to your cuticles and if you manage to make a mess it isn’t impossible to clean. This is listed as a creme but it’s so squishy and glossy that I’d say it’s a borderline crelly. Dry time was also very quick. Just a perfect black!

This is one coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, a coat of Serpent Black and HK Girl top coat.

Check out Glitter Gal website for more info and their store.


***Serpent Black was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

KIKO 512


I bought my first KIKO polishes from the Black Friday weekend sales and after swatching all of them on the plastic tips I’m quite excited about them. I will definitely get more of these :D

This is KIKO 512. On their website it’s described as metallic rosy taupe. Rosy taupe I agree with but when it comes to nail polish metallic is a finish to me and this one is clearly a creme with very fine pink shimmer. Gorgeous color!

Formula was good. Application was very smooth and easy. This was opaque with two coats and dry time was fast. For this manicure I used a coat of Essie Nourish Me, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of KIKO 512 and HK girl top coat.



***This polish was purchased by me. 

Some Mavala Techni-Color’s collection swatches


This summer I got an opportunity to try some Mavala polishes. It’s been forever since I had a bottle of Mavala polish and I have to say my experiences with them have been more or less average. So I wanted to test this summer collection just of curiosity and I was so pleasantly surprised! The polishes had a good, highly pigmented formula. Application was smooth and easy and drying didn’t take forever. Some of these were almost one coaters. I also LOVED the colors! Not amazingly unique but bright and vibrant colors that go well with any time of the year.

Some of these are also so pigmented that they work for stamping. I haven’t tried stamping with them but I’ve seen it done by other bloggers.

This was a summer collection but at least where I live I’ve still seen it been sold a few days ago. So if you never paid attention to these I suggest you check them out while you can.

Today I have swatches of three colors out of the six on this collection. Again these photos were taken during summer when I still had gel on my nails. I think that this is it though and next photos are gonna be all natural nubbins swatches ;)



102 Cyber Yellow – Two coats with Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat and HK Girl top coat 
 Bright yellow with green-ish shimmer and glow. Amazing application for a yellow polish. This one has a tiny bit of visible brush strokes in it but it’s really not too noticeable in real life.
106 Orange Fusion – Two coats with Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat and HK Girl top coat 
Really fierce orange shade that looks like it’s on fire. Amazing application and this is a one coater even if I applied two. Yes, this came out in a summer collection but how perfect is this color for fall too!
103 Cobalt Blue – Two coats with Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat and HK Girl top coat 
Very vibrant blue creme that is a borderline crelly if you ask me. Very glossy and bright! Again, amazing application and very well pigmented formula. This instantly became my favorite blue and I think I need to get a backup bottle while I can still find one. Love, love, love it!!

***These polishes were sent for review.

CND Vinylux swatches


Today I have more older swatch photos to show you. Again these were taken during summer when my nails still had some gel layover left on them. So the nail shape is a little weird and you can see the gel growth line on some of the photos.

Now all the gel is grown out so that won’t be a problem anymore on the newer photos. Though now my problem is that my nails are nubbins. I’m never totally happy :P

So today I have some random CND Vinylux swatches for you.

“VINYLUX™ is a breakthrough polish system that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat! Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. VINYLUX is available in 71 fashion-forward polish colors and 60 colors that match popular CND Shellac™ shades.”

All of the swatch photos are taken without a base coat and using Vinylux Weekly top coat. All the polishes applied well and were opaque in 2-3 coats.



Studio White (3 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)
Grapefruit Sparkle (3 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)
Limeade (3 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)
Locket Love (2 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)
Pink Bikini (2 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)
Pretty Poison (2 coats and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat)

***These polishes were sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.