Today I have Color Club Cherubic for you. You already might have seen a photo of this on my yesterday’s post too. Cherubic is from Color Club’s 2012  Halo Hues collection. This collection had six holographic polishes. The holo effect is very strong on this one and top coat doesn’t reduce it at all. For this year Color Club is coming up with another six holoshades (YAY!) and you can have a little taste of what they look like on their Facebook-page.

Cherubic is nude/beige holo polish that applies nice and smooth. Dry time was also very fast. On this mani I used two coats of Cherubic and Inm Out The Door top coat. This time I didn’t have any base coat cos I have the UV-gel on my nails now.

I totally fell in love with this one! It’s just gorgeous and stunning! Now I’m obsessed about getting all the rest of these shades plus the ones that are coming out this year ;D