This is my quick tutorial about how to use UV-gel to make your nails longer and stronger. The brand I use is Cesars Secerts and I buy it from a Finnish webstore. I’ve been using this brand for years and I’ve also gone through their training for both acrylic and gel nails. I’m not trying to teach anyone how to do their nails at home and I HIGHLY recommend going to training if you want to do your own nails. I’ll also do a quick explanation in English for each photo, but if you live outside of Finland I have no idea where you can buy Cesars Secrets products. There must be stores for at least European countries. Google is your friend :)



I have now prepped my nails for the UV-gel. I pushed my cuticles back and filed my nails lightly using 240 grit file. You can’t pay too much attention to this part. If you slack off and not do this properly your gel is sure to start lifting sooner than later. The super thin part on the tip of my pinky is cos of peeling and breaking, not too much filing.


Next I wipe the dust of the nails using Cesars Secrets Cleanser liquid and I place on the nail form stickers starting from pinky and finishing with the thumb. It’s very important not to touch the prepped nails during this process.


Nail form stickers are now in place and you might want to wipe your nails with cleanser one more time just in case you touched them while placing the forms. After this I apply Cesars Secrets Primer 1 and Primer 2.



I applied a thin coat of gel on the tip of the nails to add some length, cured the nails under a UV-light for 2 mins and removed the forms carefully. I usually apply a thin layer of gel on the nail bed too but this time I decided to try a different way.



Here I have applied the gel on the whole nail. I used Cesars Secrets Builder gel  for everything and I cured my nails in UV-light for 2 mins again. After the nails are done I wipe the sticky surface using the Cleanser liquid. The tips are still a mess but the surface of the nail is nice and smooth.



I filed my nails in shape by using 180 and 300 grit files. After this I carefully remove the dust of my nails and apply a thin layer of Sealing gel and cure that for another 2 mins.


I finish my nails off by wiping the sticky surface with Cleanser liquid and my nails are done. I used an electric file under my tips to make them matte. Since I always use nail polish the clear extensions don’t bother me any and I was just too lazy to do the french tips.


I tried to keep the layer of gel thin-ish and the shape of the nail natural.


And I finished it off with an ultimate test, holographic nail polish that shows every little mistake and flaw there is to show. No pumps or dents showing, great! The polish is Color Club Cherubic and I’ll have a whole another post about it tomorrow.

So that was my quick tutorial on how I coated my nails using UV-gel and gained some extra length using nail for stickers. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer :)