Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today I have a perfect polish for the day, Jindie Nails Love Conquers All. This is a white crelly polish with a lot of different kinds of glitter including different colored hearts. This looks a lot bumpier on the photo than it was IRL. The hearts came out of the bottle just fine, no fishing needed and on the photos I have two coats of polish on my nails plus Inm Out The Door. Unfortunately I was in a hurry doing my nails and I think if I had a little more time and patience applying this polish it would’ve ended with a lot smoother result. This polish most definitely deserves a revisit and new swatch photos at some point.

You can purchase Jindie Nails polishes from their Etsy-store (which is sometimes closed) as well as LlaroweMei Mei’s Signatures and Ninja Polish. You can find the latest restock and other info from their Facebook page.

Also my nails haven’t magically grown length overnight. Like I was explaining on Tuesday’s Nourish Me report post, I used UV-gel to make my nails stronger. Of course I got greedy too and added some length. I’ll  write a post about the gel applying process tomorrow.