Today I want to share my experiences on G & G HK Girl top coat. You have probably seen this top coat mentioned in several other blogs too. I got my first bottle late March this year and I’ve only been using HK Girl since. I first ordered a bottle to test it out cos I saw so many people say only great things about this top coat. I used it a couple of times and was so impressed by it that I immediately ordered two more bottles.

HK Girl dries all the polishes at least as fast as my previous favorites Seche Vite and Inm Out The Door. I have experienced zero shrinkage of the polish and shine is superior to any other top coat I have tried. And you know what? I can get through the whole bottle without using thinner once. You heard me right! HK Girl doesn’t turn into a thick gloopy mess and you can use all of it without having to thin it. I love it!


G & G HK Girl top coat with OPI A Definite Moust-Have
HK Girl is quite thin and very easy to apply. This has worked great with all the polishes I have used it with. Because it is very thin I don’t try to build it up to smooth them chunky indie glitters. For those I use Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food with HK Girl top coat. That is the combination that creates a super smooth and glossy, shiny finish with even the chunkiest glitters.
I think it’s quite clear how much I LOVE HK Girl top coat (and I’m not the only one)! It’s my all time favorite top coat. Now if you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and hurry down to Glisten & Glow webstore to get yourself a bottle. Customer service is great and the lovely Jill ships internationally.
***This particular bottle was purchased by me, I have later received free bottles.