My blog has been quiet up until the previous, Finnish beauty bloggers Advent Calendar, post. I spent spring and summer planning and thinking about my options. I stressed and panicked about what to do after my son turned three in September and I had to go back to work. After spending the past seven years as a stay-at-home-mom I had to make a decision on what to do next. Going back to my old day job really wasn’t an option for me.

In the end I felt like the beauty business was the only way to go for me.

I did work as a part time business owner doing nail tech and makeup artist work before my first child was born. Where I live there just isn’t a lot of jobs open on this field. The only option is to just start your own business. So I decided to open my own beauty studio in my home town. That plan took a sudden change though. I was meant to go down another road, I guess.


Kauneusakatemia, BePop, Pori, Finland


After destiny took my future to another direction I ended up working in a beauty salon in my old home town.

I’m still a business owner. Now I just rent a space to work inside another, bigger beauty salon. I have also already learn some new skills. I took a basic course on Permanent Makeup last month and now I’m training to do PMU on eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.  Being a business owner is hard work and sometimes my days are quite long. Another times I could use more work coming in. I do believe though that if I give myself enough time to make a name for myself and get my work out there, it’ll all work out great in the end. I’m also hoping to put together a makeup case to use on customers and work as a makeup artist again too.


Kaunis pigmentointi Permanent Makeup Course at Kauneusakatemia, Pori, Finland


Writing the Advent Calendar post just made me realize how much I have missed blogging and how much I want to do it again. I have even less time in my day to do this now, but I’m going to try and make it work anyways. My new job will also help me to come up with content on my blog. For example, I’m planning on testing chemical peeling and mesotherapy. I also work as a nail tech using mostly Mereneid Sari products that I can also post about.


French manicure gel nails using Mereneid Sari products

Stiletto nails, long almond nails, nails bed extension using Mereneid Sari products


I have been much more active in social media though, especially Instagram. Usually I post on my Instastory daily and I’m also trying to wake up my Snapchat account. Do you prefer IG Story or Snapchat for these daily posts?

I’m also planning on doing mini-reviews on IG. Sometimes there just isn’t enough material to write a whole blog post about one lipstick but I still want to tell my opinion about it. Are you interested in these kind of mini-reviews? Or would it be a good idea to also do a monthly post on the blog putting together all the mini-reviews in IG and Instastory side? I know IG is being a pain in the butt nowadays and not showing your photos to too many people. So it might be a good idea to do a monthly post on these IG reviews here on the blog.

You can find my blog Instagram here and my gel nail and other work stuff here. My Snapchat account is riagbeautyblog. You’re most welcome to follow me on these social media accounts!

So is this the new beginning and have I found the motivation to blog again? At least I hope so. I just need to learn to use the possible spare time during the work day on writing blog posts. See you soon!