Today’s blog post is my contribution to Finnish Beauty Bloggers Advent Calendar. Today we are also celebrating Independence Day and Finland’s 100th Anniversary.



I wanted to create a nail look to go with this special day. I considered going with blue and white theme to match the Finnish flag but in the end I decided to go with gold. This way the look is perfect for both Independence Day and Holiday season.



As a base I have gel nails done using Mereneid Sari Ultimate Concealer Sculpting Gel Naturel. The lovely blue gel polish is Mereneid Sari Kwik-Soak Gel in Night Ocean.

The gold glitter is my own experiment with Mereneid Sari Multi Use Top Gel (no sticky layer) and Kiara Sky Dip Powder in Pixie Dust. First I applied Multi Use Top Gel and then I dipped the wet gel into Pixie Dust. After that I cured the nails under a UV-light and there you have it, a lovely sparkling texture finish.

Last I added a few Swarovski crystals and my festive nails were done!

I have tested this combo for a few days now and the finish has stayed very textured. I also haven’t noticed any glitter falling off and the sparkle is still there too. Just beautiful!



Thank you for reading and I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season!