I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I have a Cucumber and Tea Tree clay face mask  from Signe Seebid, hand made natural cosmetics brand from Estonia. I’m already using two products from their brand and those are excellent. So when I placed my order for more of their amazing orange sugar scrub I added two new-to-me products to my order. Here’s the first one of them. I think Signe Seebid products are only available in Estonia and Finland at the moment. I still want to show this to you in case there’s a chance these lovely products will be available internationally later on.

***EDIT Bona Valere web store will open later this week and you can contact them about international shipping of this mask and other Signe Seebid products.


Signe Seebid Cucumber and Tea Tree face mask


Signe Seebid’s products are packed in glass jars that you can reuse yourself or take to the nearest recycle bin. Their products are not tested on animals and they don’t have synthetic scents, flavorings, coloring or preservatives.  Ingredients lists are short and simple. For example this face mask has four ingredients: white clay, green clay, cucumber powder and tea tree powder. That’s it! This doesn’t have any scent really either. Just a subtle scent of clay.


Signe Seebid Cucumber and Tea Tree face mask


This Cucumber – Tea Tree mask comes as powder that you can mix in to water, yogurt or milk. Directions say 10 grams of powder to half a teaspoon of liquid of your choice. I didn’t measure and just took about three teaspoons of powder and added water drop by drop until the mask texture looked fine to me. I applied the clay mask on clean skin and kept in on for about 10 mins (directions say that max. time is 10 minutes).


Signe Seebid Cucumber-Tea Tree face mask


(There’s a typo on this packaging. This does NOT contain synthetic preservatives, flavorings or coloring)

As the mask dried it started to feel cooling and tight on my skin. The camouflage swamp monster look was so funny I would’ve laughed if my face wasn’t so tight I couldn’t even smile. At that point I was a little worried about how to was the dried clay off my face. When the time came to clean my face the mask melt right into the lukewarm water and washed off pretty easy. I used a face sponge to help clean the hairline.

Before applying the mask my skin looked somewhat irritated and red. Mask seemed to calm my skin significantly. The pores looked smaller and my skin looked brighter. So I got a real visible positive result with this mask.


Signe Seebid Cucumber and Tea Tree face mask RiaG Beauty Blog


My skin has been REALLY DRY lately and naturally a clay mask like this makes it feel somewhat drier. I used very moisturizing products after this mask and the dryness wasn’t really a problem. I mean my skin is still dry but no more dryer than before the mask. I will most definitely use this again when ever my skin feels like it’s irritated and there’s extra redness.

I might also try using this mask first to cool and calm down my skin and right after this mask I could use a super moisturizing sheet mask. That sound’s like perfect pampering moment for my face!

I turned 40 yrs old late last year and now I’m starting to pay attention to skin care much more than before. I’ve always been enjoying my good genes when it comes to aging and been super lazy when it comes to skin care. Now I’m trying to change that permanently. So you’ll be seeing a lot more skin care products, especially anti-age ones on my blog in future.


***I bought this face mask and I don’t benefit from link clicks in any way.