Been another crazy busy day and I’m totally exhausted but I just really want to show you this OPI awesomeness before I dive into my bed and turn on the “tv staring zombie mode” :P

When I started seeing these liquid sand finish polishes I was really not excited about them at all. I’m not big into textured polishes and I drown most of my glitters in Glitter Food to smooth them out. But I kept seeing these awesome swatches of different liquid sand polishes and I decided to just give them a chance. I mean so many people seemed to love that finish so it can’t be that bad. Turns out all of those people were right ;) I got my first liquid sand polish What Wizardry Is This? and I was sold. The finish wasn’t too gritty at all. It doesn’t get stuck on my clothing and I don’t feel a need to pick it or anything. I actually really like the rough, gritty look and now I can’t get enough of this finish. I need all of them and I need them now!

This is two coats of What Wizardry Is This? No base coat, no top coat.


What Wizardry Is This? applies effortlessly and dries fast. I didn’t use a base coat since I have the UV-gel coating on my natural nails. I really love the subtle sparkle this one has and the shade of gold-ish brown is just perfect for my skin tone.