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Sally Hansen Velvet Texture – Crushed and Lush


Matte polishes have made a big comeback and Sally Hansen also released a collection of matte polishes. I got two shades, 610 Crushed and 630 Lush to test.



These are actually a little different than your usual matte polish. Like the name suggests these dry almost textured, concrete looking and very matte. I quite like the effect. Application was surprisingly easy. No balding or streaks. I applied two coats of Crushed but would’ve got away with just one. With Lush I was smarter and only applied one coat. Dry time for two coats wasn’t impossible and it was very quick for just one coat over Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat.



Since these were highly pigmented and very well behaving I decided to try if they’d work for stamping too and yes they did. Since these are fast drying mattes you have to be fast but other than that they worked great. Here’s stamping design I did using a squishy XL stamper and Dream Girl 16 stamping plate.




***These polishes were sent for review.

Delush Polish Glam Squad goes Holiday


Today I have a brand new Delush Polish pretty for you. This is Glam Squad from the Nue Collection. My newest order of Delushies arrived yesterday and I just had to wear this one right away and naturally I wanted to you guys too :D

A stunning metallic red. I love this! Excellent application and almost a one coater for me. Dry time was also quick. This didn’t stain my cuticles on clean up. Other than that the jury is still out cos I’m still wearing this manicure :D I’ll update the wear time and other information here in a few days.

For this manicure I used a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of Glam Squad and HK Girl top coat.

The icy details were made using a fine nail art brush and Dance Legend Mountain Snow white texture polish.


***Glam Squad and Mountain Snow were purchased by me.  I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

Rimmel Sweetie Crush textured polishes


Today I got Rimmel Sweetie Crush textured polishes to show you. These sweet pastels are perfect for spring and summer.

Application on these was very smooth and easy. I had no issues with the application and didn’t need to even do any clean up. These take 2-3 coats to be opaque and dry time to fully dry nails for two coats (no base coat) is about 30 to 35 mins. These were also very easy to remove. The base is more pearly than shimmery so you won’t be up to your elbows in shimmer after removing these.

I swatched 009 Candyfloss Cutie (three coats, no undies or top coat) alone so you can see texture and finish better on those photos. Other colors have a similar finish to this one except for 008 Sherbet Sweetheart that also has glitter in it and is my favorite out of these five shades (I’ll do a separate post for that one later on).

For the second mani I used NailVinyls for the patterns. I attached the NailVinyls and applied two coats of each polish. I used different polish for each nail. I immediately removed the NailVinyls and let the polish dry completely. Then I used different colors and filled in the patterns using a thin nail art brush.

All in all, I quite like these and I have some more nail art ideas in mind for these pretties. Now if I can only get a few extra hours added to my days so I can actually work on my ideas ;)



***These were sent for review, NailVinyls were purchased by me. I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post.

China Glaze Sea Goddess – Shell We Dance?


Happy Sunday lovelies!! Today I have a pretty little thing from the new China Glaze spring 2014 Sea Goddess collection to show you. This is Shell We Dance? a gorgeously fruity and sweet pink texture polish with pink and silver glitter.

The formula on this was somewhat thick compared to OPI Liquid Sands but I had no issues with the application. I applied two coats which was enough for an opaque result and dry time wasn’t too long either. I really liked this one and now I’m tempted by the other pretties on this collection. Such gorgeous spring shades!

On this manicure I used two coats of Shell We Dance? no undies or top coat.



***Shell We Dance? was sent for review 

OPI Liquid Sand – Emotions


When I saw the first swatch photos of  textured sand-y looking polishes I thought they definitely aren’t for me. Then I tried one and I fell in love. There’s so much variety on these that you don’t get tired of them immediately either. Different brands, blingy, matte or glittery finishes. Even the roughness of the finish/texture can be different.

This time I used OPI Liquid Sand Emotions from the Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection. Black liquid sand with black glitter. Very elegant and beautiful shade. Easy application and two coats was enough for an opaque result. With the first coat this seemed quite sheer but the second coat gave perfect coverage. This dries quite rough, but not annoyingly rough. The texture brings certain softness to the black polish and in a dim light my nails even looked velvety smooth.




***Emotions was sent for review.  I don’t benefit from clicking the link on this post.

OPI Liquid Sand – Make Him Mine


I just had to test out the new camera even if I have really no idea how to use it properly ;) Either way I managed to take a photo with the camera’s auto-settings. I think I’ll be using the auto-settings for now and learn more as I use it.

So this is one of the new OPI Liquid Sand polishes for the Mariah Carey Holiday 2013, Make Him Mine. This is a beautiful rosy color that is actually a bit warmer IRL than it looks on my photos. Very sparkly and pretty!

For this mani I used two coats of Make Him Mine, no undies (no need cos I have the UV-gel layover to protect my nails) or top coat.



The formula on this was very good. Like all the Liquid Sands I have tried this applies easily and perfectly. Two coats was enough for opaque result and the dry time was quick. Removal process was also quite easy compared to your regular glitter polish.




***Make Him Mine was sent for review. I don’t benefit from clicking any of the links on this post.

IsaDora Sugar Crush – 102 Metal Crush


I got an opportunity to try some new fall shades from IsaDora Color Crush polishes. This is 102 Metal Crush, amazing grey-ish lilac texture polish with some silver glitter. I TOTALLY love this color! It’s oh so pretty and sparkly!

On this manicure I used two coats of Metal Crush. The application was just perfection. I didn’t even have to do a cleanup with a brush and acetone like I usually do. Though you might want to avoid a cleanup with a polish like this anyways or you could end up with shimmer up to your elbows ;) Just be careful and take your time with the application and the result will be perfect.

The removal was very easy using acetone free nail polish remover. This is nothing like glitter polish and even if it looks like a pain in the butt to remove it really isn’t. Naturally there was glitter and shimmer all over my hands right after the removing the nail polish but washing my hands with soap got rid of almost all of it.


***Metal Crush was sent for review.

OPI – What Wizardry Is This? Liquid Sand


Been another crazy busy day and I’m totally exhausted but I just really want to show you this OPI awesomeness before I dive into my bed and turn on the “tv staring zombie mode” :P

When I started seeing these liquid sand finish polishes I was really not excited about them at all. I’m not big into textured polishes and I drown most of my glitters in Glitter Food to smooth them out. But I kept seeing these awesome swatches of different liquid sand polishes and I decided to just give them a chance. I mean so many people seemed to love that finish so it can’t be that bad. Turns out all of those people were right ;) I got my first liquid sand polish What Wizardry Is This? and I was sold. The finish wasn’t too gritty at all. It doesn’t get stuck on my clothing and I don’t feel a need to pick it or anything. I actually really like the rough, gritty look and now I can’t get enough of this finish. I need all of them and I need them now!

This is two coats of What Wizardry Is This? No base coat, no top coat.


What Wizardry Is This? applies effortlessly and dries fast. I didn’t use a base coat since I have the UV-gel coating on my natural nails. I really love the subtle sparkle this one has and the shade of gold-ish brown is just perfect for my skin tone.