Another bright color to cheer up this cloudy and wet winter day here in Finland. Jackie Oh! is a lovely coral-y pink neon shade. This is also from the new Poptastic collection.

The quality on this one is also very good. Polish applies well and is opaque in 2-3 coats depending on the length of your nails. Seche Vite dried this one super fast. This shade isn’t a basic neon pink, it’s bright coral color and it makes me think retro-pin up when I look at it. Regardless of the crazy bright color this polish still looks elegant and will look great next to a tanned summer skin.

If these neon shades feel like a bit much to be worn on your finger nails you still might wanna get a bottle for your toes. Bright, summer-y color makes your spring toes look great and summer feels like one step closer :)

Again, the photo does not do justice to the shade. It is much brighter IRL. These neons are just too hard to photograph correctly. You have to try these yourself to know how they really look.

In this mani I used: OPI NNS x1, Jackie Oh! x2 and Seche Vite on top.