Hello my lovelies, I’m back! I’m still not completely over the influenza but I’m better. This one really kicked my butt though. Had high fever, trip to the hospital cos of breathing difficulties, bad cough, you name it. Also hubby and the kids were very sick too. It was a pretty bad week here but thankfully it now looks like we are all getting better.

So I’m late with my letter H post but better late than never, right? I wanted to do some nail art this week but just didn’t have the time or energy to do it so I chose a cool H polish from my unused pile. This is Hare Polish Swanky Soiree. Here I have three coats and next time I think I’ll layer it with grey creme and just use one coat. This is an awesome looking polish and glitter really pops. I love it! It an unusual combination but it really does work.