Today it’s time for my review of the new Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener. As I have previously mentioned I usually don’t use nail strengtheners cos they make my nails too hard and they start to peel and chip easier. How ever Sally Hansen Nail Rehab base coat worked so well for me that I wanted to give this one a try too.



“Real 18K Gold Shield locks in moisture & strengthens nails” 

I’m oiling and moisturizing my nails religiously so this got me real interested.

Formula was good an easy to apply thinly. Dry time was fast and and this also dries to a very smooth velvety finish instead of very shiny which makes it perfect and natural looking to wear on it’s own. This nail hardened also has very visible gold flakies on it and they can be a problem if you want wear sheer nail polish. They also get stuck to your nails like normal flakies and don’t come off perfectly with nail polish remover. So if you use this many times in a row without rubbing the flakies off in between the manicures you might end up covering your nails with a lot more flakies than is shown on the last photo. However if you wear another base coat all the remains will come off when you remove your next manicure. The flakies also fall off on their own if you leave your nails naked for a day and oil them a few times. So those are really not a big problem unless you want to wear a sheer nail polish.



I tested this and I have to say I noticed my nails getting harder just after a couple of uses but there was no sign of dryness, peeling or breaking the corners. So as a nail hardener this worked so well I didn’t dare to use it too many times in a row. I believe this will be great for my nails when used on a couple of manicures every now and then. If used too often this might make my nails too hard and cause corners to break off. I didn’t notice a difference on the wear time of my manicures either. I always use a treatment before my usual base coat Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! and this worked just perfectly that way. There was no faster chipping of the polish or any other problems.



On the photo above I have one coat of Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener on my nails. So if you are looking for a treatment to make your nails noticeable harder very fast you might want to give this one a try.


***This was sent for review.