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Essie Ridge Filling base coat


Since Essie Nourish Me/Feed Me is no longer available here in Finland I need a new base under my Stuck On Blu! base coat. Yes, I use two base coats 99% of the time. The first base coat that goes straight on my nails needs to be a treatment type of base coat that is not a nail hardener. I need it to be more nourishing or my nails start to dry and peel. Since Nourish Me is no more, Essie Finland recommended that I try their Ridge Filling base coat instead.


Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener


Today it’s time for my review of the new Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener. As I have previously mentioned I usually don’t use nail strengtheners cos they make my nails too hard and they start to peel and chip easier. How ever Sally Hansen Nail Rehab base coat worked so well for me that I wanted to give this one a try too.


Sally Hansen Nail Rehab nail treatment


Since I grew out the gel nails I needed to start looking for good base coats and treatments for my natural nails. I also got an opportunity to test Sally Hansen Nail Rehab treatment. Usually nail strengtheners are not good for me and instead of making my nails stronger they make them break and peel.

Nail Rehab bottle does have the word “Strengthener” on it but I still decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Usually if something doesn’t work for my nails they start peeling and looking dry very fast. That happened with Duri Rejuvacote just after the third time I used it. I have now used over half a bottle of Nail Rehab and there is no peeling or any other problems at all.

To make sure it was a good product for me I only used Nail Rehab on my manicures for almost two months. On top of it I apply a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu! base coat before the polish and top coat. Between manicures I use Bliss Kiss nail oil to hydrate my nails before applying the treatment again. I only keep my nails without polish on them for an hour max at the moment since I have to wash my hands all the time cos of the new baby.

Nail Rehab has a thick-ish formula and it also smooths out your nails like a ridge filler. On the photo below I still have a gel layover on part of my nails and two coats of Nail Rehab hides the growth line almost perfectly. The color is also just lovely natural looking peachy shade. It hides possible stains on your nails when you apply two coats of it. If you have a busy day you can just apply two coats of Nail Rehab and have perfect looking nude nails.

While using Nail Rehab my manicures have stayed good at least for 2 to 3 days without chipping. I could probably go for a few days longer but I get tired of looking at the same polish ;)



So all in all this treatment works perfectly for my nails. Doesn’t make them peel or dry. Makes a good base for a manicure and doesn’t cause the polish to chip faster than usual. I can’t say if this makes my nails stronger but it doesn’t cause peeling or drying for my nails like so many other base coats and treatments do and that’s enough for me.

Only thing I’d change about this is the brush. The bristles are really short and stiff. It took some time to get used to it but after a while I didn’t have issues with the application and the brush anymore.

If you’re looking for an affordable treatment for your nails I recommend you give this one a try too. Works great for me!

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