Today I’m going to talk about my battle of finding a right deodorant/antiperspirant for myself. When I was younger I didn’t need to think about this at all. I could choose anything, just find the scent I liked and it worked. After my first child my hormones must have taken over and nothing worked. I tried so many products and they failed me almost as many times.

The product either doesn’t work or it irritates my skin and gives me itchy rash on my armpits. After the first pregnancy when I realized this had become an issue I used Mitchum Roll-On for quite a while until I got sensitive or allergic to some ingredient in it. My armpits got red rash and they were itching like crazy. I used something else for a while and the rash went away. Then I tried Mitchum again and same thing happened. So there started my quest for finding a perfect deodorant or antiperspirant.

I have tried heavier duty stuff like Triple Dry and other similar products. Triple Dry surprisingly didn’t irritate my armpits but it didn’t work either. I was still sweating and there was bad odour. I used it long enough to give it time to work but no. Also the amount of sweating is not my problem, the odour is. So no need for a product like Triple Dry anyway.

I have tried several different very gentle, natural cosmetics deodorants. I have tried countless drugstore ones. Some of them worked for about two weeks and then they just didn’t work anymore. So much trial and error that I have lost count of the products I tried.


Secret Scent Expressions Coconut Splash


Then I read a blog post about Secret antiperspirants. First one I tried was pH Balanced Spring Breeze one and it worked. I was so happy to finally find something that keeps the odour away, doesn’t smell too strong to be noticeable over my perfume and didn’t irritate my skin. I used that for a while but I got tired of the scent even if it wasn’t too strong. Next I tried Secret Outlast non scented one. That worked for me too but I ran into another problem.

They don’t sell Secret products here in Finland and I had to go to eBay to order these. Next I couldn’t find a reliable seller who shipped to Finland for a reasonable shipping cost. I found one that sold a different Outlast one. I have forgotten the name of that antiperspirant but it did say Olay on the package. To my surprise that didn’t work. So back to eBay I was.

After that I found the Coconut Splash one. I ordered one to test it out and I was so thrilled that it worked. I love, love coconut! One of my favorite scents ever! I also found a seller who shipped from UK for a very reasonable price so I ordered a few backups too.

So here we are. I have used this for a few months now. It still works great! No skin irritation at all and no bad odour. The scent of coconut is there but it’s very subtle and goes away after a while. This is really a perfect product for me.

Have you tried any Secret antiperspirants? Do they work for you?