I got purple marquise nail art studs to try out from KKCenterHk and here’s my review of them. These studs are rather large 6 mm x 3 mm but they are made of metal so you can bend them to match the shape of your nail. I usually use a dotting tool handle to bend bigger studs like these to curve slightly so they are easier to place on the nails.



This time I decided to go for a floral design with these studs and I also used round silver studs that I have previously received from KKCenterHk. I quite like how this turned out. The studs were easy to use, bend and place on the nails. To attach the studs I used a drop of top coat (not fast drying) and I also sealed the design in with a layer of top coat. The base color here is Essie Lilacism.

You can find these nail art studs from KKCenterHk and if you use the code “polishaholic” you’ll get -10% off.



***These were sent for a review