Hi everyone!! The move is finally done and my blog has a new home! Yay!!




This is how my blog looks like now and I really love it. My husband did all the design and coding work and I just sat here and made demands :D

You can use the navigation bar to get around and find what you’re looking for. You can also find archives and search from the right side bar. On the “Home” page we have the six latest posts on the top of the page and below those you can find more latest posts. If you don’t know what you’ve read the last just click on the “Select a month” dropdown box on the right side bar and choose what ever month you want to read. We tried to build this site so that it’s easy to navigate. If you’re here just for the nail polish posts. Go to “Nails” on the navigation bar, then nail polish and choose “all”. If you want to see my indie swatches choose “indie polish” under nail polish and so on. Very simple :) All my old posts from Blogger were moved here too.

So welcome again and I really hope you guys like it ♥