It seems that nowadays people feel like it’s ok to say anything that comes to mind when commenting on photos, blog posts, news stories etc. on internet. You hear a lot about body shaming. People are called too fat to wear a bikini, morbidly obese, you name it. Or in someone’s opinion you are so skinny that they feel free to tell you that you look like a coat hanger and tell you to go get a burger. When ever I see a makeup related post in FB I already know what half the comments are going to be like. “Ewww! Way too much makeup!”, “You look like a clown”, “You know natural women are the best”, “You know men don’t like that much makeup, right?”, “You must have such low self-esteem” and the list goes on and on…..

WT actual F!? Since when is it alright to talk to people like that? Would these people say the same things to your facewhen you walk down the street? I doubt it! They are leaving these mean, negative, hurtful comments from the safety of their computer monitors and cell phone screens. Talking about low self-esteem! Making themselves feel better by bashing people they don’t know online. Does that actually make someone feel better? If it does then their life is truly sad…

People should be able to wear as much or as little makeup as they choose to.

We wear makeup cos it’s fun. We don’t have low self esteem, we don’t do it for men, we are not afraid to be seen without makeup. WE SIMPLY JUST LOVE MAKEUP! So stop being a judgmental b#@&! and let us live!

Why is “Men don’t like women wearing a lot of makeup” even an issue? Why is there studies done for it? How many men are there in this world? I guarantee you there are men out there that love women who wear makeup. Not all of them do, no, but then as a makeup lover why would you even want to be with someone who doesn’t accept you as who you are? Now there’s someone out there saying “But if you have to wear all that makeup you’re not being yourself and you’re hiding who you really are”. NO! In most cases that is not true. I’m just as much myself as I am without makeup, even more so. I don’t wear makeup every day, I’m just fine going out of the house with a bare face too.

To me makeup is art. It’s me time and a way to relax. With three little kids I don’t have that much time for myself in a day. When I sit down next to my makeup table, it’s my place, it’s there just for me. I enjoy planning makeup looks and testing new products. I love to talk about beauty and makeup with other enthusiast.

There’s a lot of us out there, you know? A huge, wonderful community and we are not a bunch of insecure people hiding behind our painted faces. There’s so much talent and artistry in this community. If you stopped being judgmental, stopped repeating your “that’s way too much makeup” mantra, you might find the beauty and fun that is this scene.


To me makeup is a hobby and it’s a perfectly good one! That’s another thing I have a problem with. Why doesn’t makeup artistry qualify as a hobby?

Why do I still get weird looks when I tell someone how makeup, nails and beauty blogging is my hobby? How I have hundreds of bottles of nail polish, a significant makeup collection and my own little room for all of this stuff. I don’t look at them funny when they tell me how they just spent 450 dollars on new running shoes and clothes. I don’t laugh when they tell me they love to knit every night. How is it that being a makeup artist or a nail tech is good for a job but not as a hobby?

I often hear how makeup goes bad. Yes, it has an expiration date but I have a news flash for you. Those 200 dollar running shoes are not gonna last you a lifetime either. That sweater you knit, spent time and money on, it’s gonna be worn out some day too. So why is buying makeup bad? Why is perfecting your makeup skills and enjoying beauty products such a silly thing that it doesn’t qualify as a hobby? And what about beauty blogging? Silly? Waste of time? Again, no!

There’s so much information on beauty blogs and YouTube videos for everyone to find and enjoy, for free! People put a lot of work into testing products, writing reviews and filming video tutorials to help people out there to find great products for them and learn how to get better at doing their own makeup. What’s wrong with that? I say, nothing! I love to google swatch photos and reviews of cosmetics products I find interesting. The work people put into this helps me make an informed decision and reduce a risk of wasting my money on a product that might not work for me.

They are just bloggers, not professionals you say? Well many bloggers are also professionals. There’s so much knowledge out there that comes from years of experience.

I know my readers get this already but I hope this post reaches a few of those judgmental people out there  too.

There’s nothing wrong with you if don’t like makeup or if you never wear makeup. That’s your way then and it’s perfectly ok! All I ask is that even if you don’t like makeup, don’t judge other’s who do. Don’t go leaving mean, negative comments on their photos. Don’t go preaching about how wearing makeup is bad. Just let us be!

I also have a FB event for this issue. Please feel free to join  and share the event. You know/have an article, blog post or video about makeup shaming. This event wall is a perfect place to share it. Let’s all just say NO! to these mean, negative people and share our makeup photos with #NoMoreMakeupShaming tag on our social media pages.


Now go have some makeup fun and be you! ♥