This spring I plan to re-design my blog a bit. I’m (read my husband is) going to find a way to write my posts separately in English and Finnish so that they’ll look less messy. I’m also going to try a new schedule for my posts. I’m going to start posting every weekday starting from tomorrow and take the weekends off. I’m going to schedule the posts early morning Finnish time (EET/Eastern European time) so they’ll be published at the same time every day. With three kids life happens sometimes so there might still be short breaks every now and then but right now I’m working on having posts ready for at least two, three weeks ahead.

I’ll try and have two to three nail posts a week and the rest will be makeup and other cosmetics products related posts. I’ve been wanting to make my blog more of a beauty blog than just a nail blog for a while now. So that is where I’m headed at the moment and we’ll see how that goes. I have worked as a MUA and a nail tech before staying home with the kids so I have professional experience on both nails and makeup.

I intend to focus on the fact that I’m not in my early twenties anymore with a silky smooth, flawless skin. Instead of that I’m 38 years old. I’m going to post about products that I find working great for my skin. Though age is also not going to be limiting anything either and I’ll be breaking the so called rules with colorful makeup looks and nails. I hope that women can come to my blog and find good product tips and ideas on how to use colors in their every day makeup and nail styles.

I might also include posts about my weight loss project and trying to learn to eat and live healthier.

So I hope everyone will still stick around even if it’s not going to be all nails anymore :)