I finally got myself a little makeup corner that I’ve been dreaming of for so long. Furniture except for the black leather chair are from IKEA.

I had a very limited space to build my little corner so those were really the only things to fit there right now that also pleased my eye. I managed to get all my cosmetics fit in to those drawers for now. There’s not much extra space left for new stuff though. Luckily this Malm furniture series has a lot of different kinds of drawers so I can easily get more space as soon as I can get a bigger room/area for my corner.


Here’s the whole corner. I’m keeping the brushes and often used makeup pens on the table with a couple of my favorite perfumes and my face cream. The black and white jar works as a little trash can for things like used cotton swaps, etc.


In the table drawer I put the cosmetics that I use most often. My Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes, Lily Lolo mineral foundations and so on. The drawer is not all the way open and in the back there’s more Dior and my Urban Decay palettes. I wanted to organize everything in a way that I can easily find and get what I’m looking for. I didn’t want to shove it too full of stuff and then have to dig up for everything I needed and making the drawer messy in the process.


In the drawer next to the table I keep more makeup, perfumes, fake lashes and a lot of other stuff. I only took photos of two drawers but you get the idea ;)


All my nail polish is stashed away in this drawer. This one is almost full and I can’t get another one like this anymore. So instead of trying to look for one like this I think I’ll get two white Helmers from IKEA and put them on each side of this to make them look like they belong together ;)