My nail nail growing project has finally reached a point where I’m starting to be really happy with the lenght of my nails. Of course I’ve had to file them shorter every now and then cos of peeling and things but now I have pretty healthy and good looking nails. My nails just happen to be so thin and they break really easy so this is sort of the max lenght I can grow them in to without breaking. I still want to try and grow them a tiny bit longer just to see if I can ;)

On the side of my index finger nail you can see a toiletpaper-superglue fixing attempt cos the nail already started to tear. I also had to fix the middle finger and the right hand index finger nails too. I’ve been able to grow them for 3 weeks with the fixing now and soon I have to file the broken parts off. I just hope my other nails will stay without breaking and tearing.

I started my nail growing project in May by removing acrylic nails. After that my nails were in a terrible condition.