I have bought a few new products to help me with my nail growing project. Everything is going well at the moment. My nails are growing quite fast and not peeling at all. I still can’t grow lenght until all the acrylic damaged part has grown out. I’ll take another photo of my nails next sunday so you guys can see how the project is going.

First new product I have is green Depend nail polish remover. You can buy this at least from the Kicks stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It’s marketed as enviroment friendly option. It leaves your nails and cuticles feeling oiled and moisturized. It works a little slower than the acetone free Maybelline remover I normally use. The scent on this is also very mild compared to the usual nail polish removers. For my nails and cuticles this is surely the most sensitive polish remover I have ever used.

I also bought Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. I love how well this product works and after just few days my cuticles are softer and look much better. I will definately buy some more of this from my trip to USA in august. I rub this to my cuticles every morning and every night. This is a very rich feeling cream that absorbs to my skin quite fast. I also rub this all over my nails after I remove the nail polish. The lemon scent is quite strong but it disappears from your skin fast enough.

During the day I use Cesars Secrets Cuticle Oil to keep my cuticles nice and moisturized. This product has a brush and it’s easy to apply. My cuticles get so dry so easily that I need to use something on them a few times a day. I apply a very small amount of this oil on my cuticles. Using the brush means I don’t have to mess up my fingertips with oil and this goes into my cuticles so fast I can use it in a hurry too.

Next I’m going to buy the Creative SolarOil and Cuticle Eraser. I’ve also been hearing a lot of good things about NailTek Foundation I ridge-filling strengthener basecoat. I’m still looking for new product to help grow and maintain healthy and beautiful nails. I’ll be happy to look into any suggestions you guys might have :)