Here I am, first two weeks in to my nail growing project and I can already see some results. Tear on the thumb nail is now much smaller and I’m hoping that it’ll grow out completely during the next two weeks. The nail on my ring finger broke and is now really short. I had a little accident when I was a kid and they had to stitch back the fingertip and now it looks totally different than my other fingers.

My nails are still short, of course, but the healthy part is now closer to the nail line. Though at work I have scratched the nails on my index and middle fingers with a sandpaper file for a few times now (I really need to learn to use gloves). I don’t think I did a big damage to those nails yet.

My cuticles are also starting to look a little better and less dry. I’ve been oiling and moisturizing them every day now. I’ve also used cocoa and shea butter to oil my hands every night. I bought new nail polish remover from Kicks (green bottle of Depend nail polish remover) and it’s supposed to be real gentle to my nails and cuticles.

Next I need to order some new products. I have read a lot of good reviews about Creative SolarOil and Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. Those two are on the top of my shoppinglist.

From nail magazines I’ve also read about Duri Rejuvacote nail strengthener. Does anyone have any personal experience on this product?