So here begins my nail growing project. I just removed my acrylic nails a while ago and now the condition of my nails really isn’t the best possible. My nails are naturally soft, thin, peeling and they break really easily. Now they are even thinner and softer than usual. So growing and maintaining long nails is not the easiest job with my nail quality but it’s not impossible either. This project will take time and patience plus very good products and care. My hands and cuticles also dry very easy so good moisturizing products are much needed.

My job also brings a challenge to my growing project. Using disinfecting solution and sandpaper nailfiles almost daily with some acrylic dust landing on my hands and nails all the time can dry my skin up real bad. And yes, I know there are gloves I can wear but I just haven’t learn to work with gloves on, at least not yet.

In the first picture you can see what lousy condition my nails are at the moment. I have to file off the lenght few times a week cos the paper-thin nails tear real easily. I also have nasty tear on my thumbnail that I’m trying grow out but now it looks like it’s gonna tear more vertically.

The products that I’m using now are in the second picture. Of course I use lotion every day (Erisan is a Finnish brand) and I rub jojoba oil on my cuticles every night. I use the OPI Scrub and OPI Cuticle Treatment every time I change my nail polish, which is every 2 to 3 days. I push back the cuticles and file my nails. As a base coat I use two coats of OPI Natural Nail Strenghtener (=OPI NNS in the future postings cos that is just too damn long to type ;) ). I’ll try and have polish on my nails all the time cos that just makes them a little more durable.

So here I am, on the path towards long and healthy nails. I’m very open to product recommendations, tips and advices. I also hope this project will come in use for other people who try to grow their nails long and beautiful.