A month has passed since I started my nail growing project. The tear on the thumbnail has now grown out and and the index fingernail finally grows healthier and doesn’t peel and break constantly. There’s still some acrylic damaged part left and some green spots that the green glitter acrylic dyed on the surface of my nails. For some reason my right hand nails were and still are in a better condition than my left hand nails so I’m using the left hand for the photos on this project. The right hand nails can be seen on the polish swatch photos.

I think that the green parts are gonna grow out during the next two weeks and there will be very little of the damaged part left. I hope I can soon start growing more lenght on my nails too.

To help my nails grow healthy and strong I’m still taking Biotin pills and using a lot of lotion and oils on my hands and nails. I keep my nails polished all the time cos that protects my nails and makes them stronger.

I still want to say this again.. acrylic nails don’t do that much damage to your natural nails if you remove then correctly, not as I did ;) My nails are naturally very thin and removing all the acrylic at once wasn’t very good for them.