Link to the sellers store

Someone was friendly enough to inform me about an eBay seller using my photo and she/he wanted to make sure the seller has my permission to use the photo. Well of course the seller didn’t have permission and I have already contacted both eBay and the seller asking them to take the photo down immediately. This one was too lazy to even cut out my blog address from the top of the photo. The seller seems to have other peoples photos there too so if you know who those photos belong to you should inform the person and make sure they gave a permission to use those photos.

You guys should also always inform the person who owns the rights to the photo if you see familiar looking swatch or other photos somewhere other than the copyright owners own site. These poopyheads stealing other peoples work pisses me off!!

**Edit** The eBay seller has now removed the picture he/she stole from me and replaced it with a pic of a polish bottle. My China Glaze Code Orange picture is what was up on the page earlier. This time the stolen pic was only an amateur photo of someone’s nails but I bet this happens a lot to real professionals too. Either way using someone’s photo without permission is a bad bad thing to do and you should always report the person doing it no matter how small the matter seems to be.