As many of you know by now we just moved into a new place. I will have enough room here to build my own room aka womancave for my cosmetics and nail stuff. That project just isn’t first on my to do list so I set up my table and drawers on our bedroom corner for now.

So this is how it looks at nighttime when I actually have time to do my nails while the kiddos sleep. Naturally I move the makeup mirror out of the way. All the furniture is from Ikea except for the chair and the purple nail polish drawer which have been bought from Finnish stores a few years back. I love how the table has a glass covering it so I don’t have to worry about spilling acetone or polish on it. The lamps have daylight bulbs on them.



All my polish fit in to these two drawers (for now) next to my table. Soon I’ll be needing another Helmer from Ikea but I hope that won’t be until I get to move everything into my womancave.



My most used makeup products are on the big table drawer and the rest of the cosmetics and on the big drawer next to the table.



I quite like the setup I have here. This works the best for me and when I get to move all the stuff in to their own room I’ll set them up like this there too. I’ll also add a little table for my lightbox and a table plus chairs where I can work with UV-gel. I plan on also building a little shelf for the unswatched polish bottles where they can sit until I have swatched them and they can move to the polish drawers.

I also changed my banner. I hope you like it :) That’s all for today. Happy Sunday everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow with a nail polish post, I promise!