Happy hump day :D We  have published the new design for my blog. Yay!! It’s been a bit quiet here lately cos I have been battling stomach problems (IBS) and food allergies. I’m learning to eat low FODMAP and I have left all the dairy and wheat out of my diet so I’m starting to feel better now. I still have a lot of food allergies to figure out though. These things will probably come up again in a few different health related blog post in future.



So about my blog’s new look. My husband wanted to recode my blog and we decided to do a little face lift while he was at it. The color scheme of the blog was changed to a more simple and lighter looking one. The layout of the front page was redesigned and the top navigation bar is easier to use now. I’m still thinking about the logo but that one will do for now. Lately there was a problem with the photo size being too small when visiting my blog with phones or tablets. Now that problem has been fixed and the photos are showing up on their normal size when using mobile devices.

Of course I love the changes and the new look but what do you think? Do you like the new color scheme and layout?