So it’s been quiet here on my blog lately as well as in my social media too. I have no intention to stop blogging or anything like that. This has just been an unplanned break. I have 9 days to go till I’m due to have a baby and I’ve just been dead tired as well as quite busy lately. We had to do a little house renovation to get a bedroom for the baby and so on. It’s also been a hot summer here in Finland and everything’s been left to last minute (as usual :P ) cos no one felt like working in that heat too much. My husband is freaking out cos I haven’t even packed my hospital bag yet (I’m the worst procrastinator there is) LOL But hey, at least I trimmed our dog today. Gotta have priorities ;D

Another reason for the blogging break has been the fact that most of the time my fingers are insanely swollen and red. Can’t really take nice swatch photos with the fingers looking like they are. There’s an example photo on my IG. I have some photos ready and blog post ideas too. Gotta try and write those posts asap. Hopefully even before the baby is born.

My nail growing project is going well too. I have no gel left on my nails but there’s still gel damaged parts on some of the nails. Report coming up about that soon.

So all is good here and I’ll try and get some posts up as soon as possible :)