It’s been quite a while again since I last posted something. Life is still quite busy but I really want to start writing more on my blog too. I haven’t had time to take very good care of my nails and they aren’t too pretty for swatching and photographing purposes at the moment. I removed my acrylic nails and I’m going to try and grow my own natural nails healthy looking and long again. I’ll be taking pictures and writing about this process here in my blog. I hope to find new treatments and products to help my nails grow nice and strong. I also wish that writing about this painfully long process might help my readers that have problems getting their nails to grow long too.

I’ll also post some photos of gel and acrylic nails that I have done for my customers. Here I have a photo of gel nails I did a couple of days ago. Again I’d like to remind everyone that I’m a beginner at this nail stuff and my work is still far from perfect ;)