Time has gone crazy fast and I’ve been really busy. We have moved into a new place and I love it! I haven’t had any time to think about my nails or do anything to them. Haven’t exactly shown them any mercy either and opposite of what I always tell people to do I have been cleaning and stuff without gloves on.

I have to say that Cesars Secrets gel products are amazing to last through all of this and after 5 weeks my nails are still on with very little lifting. I broke up one nail couple of weeks ago but nothing would’ve survived that hit. Other than growing lenght and the visible line between my own nails and the gel these are looking very good.

Anyways, I’m tired of gel nails now and want my own natural nails back so here begins the nail growing project once again. This time I’ll leave these nails on till they fall off. By far I have saved myself 5 weeks of suffering with short and paper thin nails. I’m hoping these will stay on for another week or two.

Here’s a photo of how they look now and like last time I’ll take pics regularly to show you guys how things are going. I have to say that my nails are growing really slow now since that is all they’ve grown during past five weeks :/