I bought my first Konad stuff quite a while ago and they have been collecting dust ever since. Now I got this little Konad set as a gift and I decided to try it out. There’s only two patterns on that plate and they are small enough for first time Konading. The set also included a stamp with a little white Konad nail polish bottle and a small scraper.

So… last night I got an inspiration to give this thing a try and I used it on top of Color Club Flair mani on yesterdays’s post. Using the Konad was surprisingly easy with those small patterns. I know they are all over the place but I’m happy with them since it was my first try. The little finger looks different on purpose.

I got a little Konad fever now and I think I’m gonna order some plates with small patterns and some more polishes next ;)


Nice camera reflection on the Konad plate ;)