Since I started to post about my monthly empties I might as well do a monthly post about my favorites too. These favorites are mostly makeup this time. When it comes to nails I pretty much always use my all time favorites and don’t change them too much. So here are the products that made me so happy in February.



BRIGHT ORANGE LIPSTICK (Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Mercury Rising and MAC Morange). Sun is starting to shine more, days are getting brighter and so is my lipstick. I always like a bold lip and bright orange was my absolute favorite color in February. Nude eyes, lot of highlighter and orange lips. That’s a good look for me. Gerard Cosmetics Mercury Rising is an excellent liquid lipstick. Staying power is good and it doesn’t dry my lips at all. MAC Morange (amplified creme) is a bit lighter shade than Mercury Rising. This also has a good staying power and it’s sure to draw the attention to your lips.

URBAN DECAY GWEN STEFANI BLUSH PALETTE I love this! It’s perfect for everyday use. The colors go with a lot of different skin tones and are subtle enough that you don’t end up looking like a clown. Lo-Fi is a perfect shade for me to warm up my face. I also love how you can mix and layer these blushes together for whole new shades. I’ve only been using this since I got it. Now I’m starting to be afraid that this is actually a makeup product I’ll be able to use up some day … and I can’t get a back up … scary thought!

RIMMEL 25H FINISH NUDE (100 IVORY) AND DIOR STAR (023) Mixing these two together was my go to foundation in February. Rimmel alone is a little too light and neutral shade for me. Dior alone is a little too dark at this time of the year and the staying power on my skin isn’t quite good enough. Mixed together… perfection! Rimmel has SPF 20 and Dior has SPF 30 so they are good for sunnier days too. Mixing foundations is a good way to get use out of the ones that aren’t a perfect match to your skin tone at the moment.

AVON NAIL CLEANUP BRUSH This little angled brush has become my favorite to clean up my manicures. It slides perfectly next to the cuticles and bristles are stiff enough for very precise clean up. Down side is I don’t see this available here in Finland at the moment. I wish Avon kept more products in stock instead of only selling them for a month or two. You find a perfect product and boom … it’s gone!

AVON SKIN SO SOFT ENDLESS TOUCH SOOTHING GELLED BODY OIL I’ve almost used this tube already and it’s hasn’t been that long since I bought it. This moisturizes my skin really well and absorbs super quickly. So it’s perfect for everyday use after shower and especially on the busy days when you don’t have a lot of time to wait around for your moisturizer to absorb before you can get dressed. I’m not too fond of the strong scent it has during application but at least that fades away as soon as the product has absorbed. I will definitely get more of this when I see it in the catalog.


So these were my favorites for Feb 2016. What were yours? Found any super good products you want to let everyone know about?