Hey, weekend is here! Happy Saturday! This will be my first monthly empties post. I enjoy reading these posts on other people’s blogs so I decided to do it myself  too. So here is what I emptied in February.




FREEMAN BARE FOOT VANILLA + JASMINE BUTTER CREAM (**) Very thick foot cream that moisturized well enough for me in daily use. I always use foot creams after shower and this cream was enough to keep my feet soft. A little slow to absorb though. I also liked the mild and pleasant vanilla scent. Pretty good foot cream for the affordable price. I will probably repurchase.

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO XXL VOLUME My HG dry shampoo. I have used several bottles of this and even if I regularly buy other dry shampoos nothing has been better for me and I always have a bottle on my shelf. This cleans my hair super well and gives an insane amount of volume on my thin hair. It does make your hair matte-ish and on the darker hair it looks somewhat grey but I have super blonde hair so this is not a problem for me. I will keep repurchasing as long as they sell this. My absolute favorite!

FOREVER LIVING PRODUCT ALOE LIPS WITH JOJOBA I got this from my sister on Christmas and I really liked it. I have to say this was one of the best lip creams I have ever used. Near HG status. It kept my lips super soft and it has a nice fruity scent. It’s light feeling on the lips and not waxy at all. The texture is really soft so you run out of this quicker than many other lip creams. I don’t see a mention of it having SPF on the package so not the greatest choice for summer. The downside also is that you can only buy this from independent retailers. My sister sells Forever products at the moment so I will probably buy a few more of these as long as I can buy them from her.

AVON FOOT WORKS LAVENDER COMFORTING OVERNIGHT MASSAGE CREAM I don’t really get the name of this product. Overnight massage cream? It really absorbs way too fast to be a massage cream and the overnight part makes it sound like you need to rinse it off in the morning. I never do though. I don’t usually shower first thing in the morning cos I go to the stables so I don’t feel a need to go wash my feet either. That said, I really like this product. It’s a light weight foot cream that provides a little extra moisture on my feet during the cold winter months. As said earlier on this post, I always use foot creams after shower and this is something I use as an extra right before going to bed on the days when I feel like my feet need a little more care. I still have one unopened jar of this. I will probably buy this again after that one runs out.

DERMOSIL BLOSSOM SHOWER GEL (**) This was a seasonal scent/product from last summer. I LOVED this! I was actually a little upset when I used this the last time cos I knew I could never get more. A little dramatic? Maybe, but I really enjoyed this shower gel. The lather was nice and creamy and it didn’t dry my skin at all. This shower gel always made me feel like “Hey, this is gonna be a great day!” It just smelled so uplifting like a sunny summer day. Yeah, I really got emotionally attached to this one and I’m so sad it’s gone. (I know you other cosmetics freaks out there can feel my pain :P ).

PHILOSOPHY RASPBERRY SORBET SHAMPOO, SHOWER GEL AND BUBBLE BATH was another shower soap that I finally got emptied. This one I wasn’t so crazy about and it was all about the scent again. I absolutely love Philosophy shower soaps. They are so luxuriously creamy and they don’t dry my skin at all. I always have a bottle of Coconut Frosting and Vanilla Birthday Cake in my shower room. This raspberry one though, I wasn’t feeling it. The scent wasn’t bad at all but it also wasn’t up to the vanilla or coconut level of greatness. I felt the same way about Melon Daiquiri one too. I won’t be buying either one again.

AVON SIMPLY DELICATE FEMININE WASH This did it’s job. Didn’t irritate or dry my skin. Works as a shower soap on sensitive skin too. Apply a little on your legs and you can shave them without irritation. So this has many uses. Not an exiting product but gets the job done. The price is usually so affordable that I will probably buy again.


So these were my February empties. Have you tried any of these?



***Products marked with (**) were PR-samples.