Here’s the pics of my nail art supplies shopping from eBay … finally! I ordered bunch of stuff for gel nails and I think what I got is pretty cool. Few orders are still to come in but this is the most of them anyways.

Now I’m having a really hard time trying to decide which ones to use on my next nail fix. I’ve been waiting a little longer to fix my nails this time cos I’m waiting for them to grow a little more length. I don’t feel like going through the trouble of filing these off and replacing the tips with new ones just to get a millimeter or two of more length. I fixed the broken index finger nail and others still look good too so I can just wait a little longer :)


Glass (plastic) beads


Crushed shell


Glitter with multi-colored spangles


4 sizes of pearls


Star shaped rhinestones


Spangles, but these I’m not so happy with. I was expecting more stars to be on this wheel.


Dried flowers. I really like these ones


Fruit fimos. These were sliced really nice and thin. I’m glad about that cos I was afraid that I’d get thick ones that would be useless for me.