Finnish company Berner has their own cosmetics brands (XZ, LV, Herbina etc.) and they also import beauty brands like IsaDora, Sensai, Clarins, Marc Jacobs, philosophy, Rimmel and others into Finland. This is a third time they hosted a blogger event to show us the new spring and summer products of their brands. I had a really fun day and here’s some of the things we got to see. If you can read Finnish there’s a lot more text on that side of my blog ;)

At first we stopped by at CesarsShop and I bought some nail art stuff I’m going to show you later. After a bit of shopping it was time for some amazing ice cream at Robert’s Coffee Gelato Factory. I chose pistachio and avocado ice creams and those were soooo good.



Now it was time to attend the event I traveled to Helsinki for. I sat in a train for over 7 hours that day but it was well worth it :D




Clarins has renewed their Multi-Active face creams and I got day and night cream on my goodie bag so there will be a review of these later on.



Sensai Silky Design Rouge lipsticks looked lovely and I got one of these to test too. On the next table over they had new philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker products and I’m very interested in those. I think I’m going to go buy myself some when I run out of my Hope in a Jar cream. I’m a big fan of philosophy products. They work perfectly on my skin.



Polishes on Mavala I Love Minicolors collection match perfectly with their new Colors of Love lipstick shades.



I also took a little break from beauty products and enjoyed a delicious meal plus some coffee and honey cheesecake for dessert.



On my goodie bag there was also Rimmel Insta Flawless skin perfecting primer and a couple of Brow This Way products so reviews of those are coming up too.



IsaDora is releasing two new collections for this summer. Beauty Heroes collection celebrates the Eurovision Song Contest and Tropical Paradise is their summer 2016 collection.

I’m loving the Warm Peach Face Sculptor and the big eyeshadow palette.

Tropical Paradise collection is just a refreshing splash of color. Nail polishes are so bright and pretty, lip products are very juicy and there’s also a waterproof, electric blue mascara hidden on the background. Some of these products will also be on my blog soon.



Herbina is one of their own brands and they launched a new line of Mango Spa and Aqua Spa body care products.


All in all I had so much fun meeting some fellow bloggers that I don’t get to see live nearly often enough. Berner events are always perfection and once again I was so happy to be part of this day. Thank you Berner :)