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Born Pretty Store review – Stamping plate

I got this stamping plate to try out from Born Pretty Store. They have a wide selection of stamping plates to choose from. I’ve been wanting a plate with rose images so that is what I chose to try out. I’m very happy with the quality of the plate. Images are easy to pick up with both my XL Stamper and Konad Stamper. The rose patterns are quite pretty and there is different styles to choose from. The plate has 15 images altogether.
For this look I used my yesterday’s Delush Polish Opalesque as a base color. I used black Konad special polish for the stamping and Color Club Where’s The Soiree? for the dotting tool dots. Images were a lot clearer before the top coat, Inm Out The Door Northern Lights Holographic top coat. Black Konad polish smudges so easy and this is what happened here too :/ From now on I’ll use some other black polish for stamping.
I really like the long rose pattern on my ring finger. I love it that on a small plate like this there’s a pattern big enough to cover my whole long nail. All of the images on this plate are very pretty and usable. I think I’ll be using this quite a lot on some summer-y nail art designs :)
You can buy this plate from Born Pretty Store and they also have a wide range of other nail art supplies. Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Please use the code “NZL91” when you order and get extra -10% discount.

***This was sent for review.

ABC Challenge – M is for Mint Candy Apple


Happy Wednesday to our amazing group of ladies and everyone else too :)

Also Happy birthday to lovely Lariesa ♥

Today it’s time for letter M on our ABC challenge and for this week I chose Essie Mint Candy Apple. Very simple and basic color but also very pretty. This goes great with my skintone and makes a perfect base for some nail art or layering glitter polishes. On the first photo I have two coats of Mint Candy Apple and a coat of the amazing HK Girl fast drying top coat.

I decided to try some stampings on this one but they ended up looking a little messy. I like how the two colors turned out looking though. For the butterflies I used some tiny little sample plate from Konad and the ring finger pattern is from XL O stamping plate. These XL plates have nice and big patterns for longer nails. The polishes I used for stamping are China Glaze Adore and Harmony.

That’s it for this week and be sure to pay a visit to all the other ladies too :))



Holiday theme month: Let it snow!


Here’s a blue snowflake manicure. I used the amazing blue shimmer polish, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! for the base and silver Konad special polish for stamping. The patterns are again from the XL Christmas stamping plate that I got from a Finnish webstore. That plate has a lot of snowflake images and I used a few of the for this manicure. As a topcoat over the stamping I used Inm Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Gold which adds a little sparkle. Silver one would’ve been better so I have to add that to my shopping list.

My hand is still a little shaky while I do the stamping so some of the patterns aren’t as sharp looking as they could be. I just gotta keep practicing I guess :) I really liked this look too and it was a nice using blue nail polish for a change. I can’t even remember the last time I had blue on my nails.

Do you guys prefer these manicures with some nail art on them over regular swatch photos or should I just keep doing both?


Macro shot shows how amazing Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! is.


Holiday theme month: Pink and silver glitter nails


Today it’s a pink and silver glitter manicure with some nail stamping art. Few days ago I promised to use my new XL Christmas stamping plate at least once before Christmas and now I’ve lived up to that promise. I haven’t used any nail stamping stuff for the longest time so I wanted to start with something easy. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and I’m definitely going to use my nail stamping stuff more from now on.

First I applied the basecoat and then two coats of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!, a gorgeous cold tone pink shimmer. For about half the nail I applied a thin layer of China Glaze Tinsel, a fine silver glitter. On the tips I added some Color Club Wonderland silver glitter polish, which is a little more rough and sparkling than Tinsel is. After that I stamped the patterns from my XL Christmas stamping plate using white Konad Special polish.


OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!, China Glaze Tinsel, Color Club Wonderland.


Super-macro shows the little round glitter from Tinsel and bigger square glitter in Wonderland.


Halloween week :D


This is Halloween week and I decided to start it with an orange-black combination mani. I used China Glaze Code Orange with a rose from Konad plate M13 done with Konad black special polish. I also added some black pearls. I started with a quite subtle mani and we’ll see about blood red and black nails with skulls on them later this week ;)