On one of the previous posts I was complaining about how sad and empty my lash drawer is. I have now started to fix that problem. I’ll keep buying more from online stores and local stores whenever I find something interesting. I’m hoping to order some Sugarpill lashes too in the near future. They have some cool ones for sale.

I really like my lashes looking full and long but I don’t want a lash extension. I actually tried extensions earlier this year but it didn’t work out for me. My eyes got irritated and itchy and the skin near the lash line started to peel off. I also don’t like how the extensions fall off with your natural lash and by your next lash fix they are looking pretty messy and pointing in ten different directions. Also the fact that I can’t rub my eyes in the shower with the extensions on is extremely annoying, not to mention the eye makeup removal…

So fake lashes are much better option for me. The lashes always look neat and full, no gaps or lashes pointing sideways. There’s a lot of different lengths, volumes and colors to choose from. You can have a different look every day. Using a good quality adhesive (Duo) fake lashes don’t damage my natural lashes or irritate my eyes. You can easily add some character to a nude makeup and make your eyes look bigger by adding a pair of natural looking lashes.

I bought these lashes from Finnish stores. The red feather lashes obviously aren’t something I’d wear on a regular makeup look  ;)


Jeans.fi 838
Marlliss 080
Marlliss 837
ClubWorks  0129
Kiss Juicy Volume 02