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Polishers Inc. – A New Technique


Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a great Sunday :) I got an honor to join Polishers Inc. and this is my first post with them. I’m so excited to do this :D

“Polishers Inc. is a group of European nail bloggers that want to exchange their ideas about nail art and inspire each other! We post every first and third Sunday of the month.”

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Today’s theme is “A new technique” and I decided to try foil stamping. A while ago I saw someone mention foil stamping in FB and I just had to find a tutorial instantly. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and decided it was definitely something I wanted to try. Now today’s theme gave me a perfect opportunity to do so.



I started by applying a coat of clear polish on a minigrip bag and let it dry. Then I stamped a pattern from hehe 004 stamping plate using Konad Pinky Red stamping polish and immediately pressed a pink transfer foil over the pattern. I removed the foil and allowed the design to dry for a bit. I made a few extra ones for practicing cos I knew I was going to mess it up at first. Then I applied a coat of top coat and let everything dry again.

After the self made decals where dry I peeled them off the minigrip bag and cut them slightly smaller and into shape. I applied a coat of polish on my nail, placed the decal and gently pressed it on my nail. I slowly worked it on the nail, pressing down, cutting some more of the sides and using a brush dipped in acetone to shape it near the cuticle line. When I got it to look well attached and smooth on the nail I added a coat of HK Girl top coat.

For index and pinky nails I cut a slice off the decal and placed those on the middle of the nails. When they were fully attached I sealed them in with HK Girl.

On the nude base full nail design you can see that either the stamping polish or the foil bled into the base a little but it doesn’t look bad so I left it be. I really loved how these turned out. The foil gave a really nice look to the stamping pattern and I can see a lot more uses for this technique. This was also my first time doing my own decals and even if it was a bit more work it was totally worth it. Now I can’t wait to try reverse stamping :D

If someone is wondering why I didn’t just press the foil straight on my nail instead of making a decal here’s why. The foil didn’t attach on the pattern perfectly each time and some of the decals were useless. It was also a lot easier to press the foil on pattern/plastic bag laying on a smooth table surface instead of a curvy nail.

The polishes used for these nails:

Index and pinky: a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, two coats of OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries, a slice of foil stamping decal and HK Girl top coat.

Middle and ring finger: a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab, a coat of Glisten & Glow Stuck On Blu!, a coat of Essie Sugar Daddy, full nail foil stamping decal and HK Girl top coat.

Thanks for reading and please check out the links at the end of the post to see what everyone else did for today :)



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ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever and Watercolor nails with foil


Happy Sunday! I haven’t used nail foils for a long time cos I’ve always felt like they are hard to use. They don’t stick, they wrinkle, glue doesn’t dry, glue dries too fast and so on. I got this bottle of ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever a while ago and I finally decided to be brave enough to try foil again. I used it on parts of the nails and I think it ended up looking great. So today I’m going to share my experience with ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever with you.