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Born Pretty Store Glitter powder sheets review


I got these Glitter powder sheets from Born Pretty Store to try them out with some nail art. The package contains 12 different colors packed in small plastic jars. These can be used for a countless amount of nail art styles and they are also perfect for acrylic or gel nails. The size is just perfect so these lay very flat on your nail and are easy to pick up using a dotting tool or an orange wood stick.

I decided to try and do a drip manicure using these glequins. I really liked how this looked in real life. It was a pretty bling bling result. I used Color Club’s Take Me To Your Chateau and I Believe In Amour to paint my nails. Then I used clear nail polish and an orange wood stick to apply the hex glitters. I added a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food on top of the decorations and finished it all with a coat of Inm top coat.

You can buy these from Born Pretty Store and they also have a wide range of other nail art supplies. Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Please use the code “NZL91” when you order and get extra -10% discount.


***These were sent for review.


Very pale baby blue winter nails


What would be a better shade for a lovely, snowy and sunny winter day than baby blue with some subtle shimmer? For this manicure I used a coat of Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau and two coats of Essence Snow Jam (Trend Edition) collection’s white Top Of The Ice-Stream polish. Top Of The Ice-Stream gave the baby blue polish more pale and softer look. I loved this combination :)

You can probably still find Take Me To Your Chateau from eBay and online stores. Where to find the Essence I don’t know. This bottle was sent to me by a lovely lady along with the whole Snow Jam collection. Go check out her blog and her AMAZING photos at The Swatchaholic. Thanks so much Jeanette ♥ *squish*



Pink dotting tool manicure


Today it’s my first try on a dotting tool manicure. It’s been a lot of first times for so many things for me and this blog lately. My last year was so insane that I had no time or energy to obsess over cosmetics or nail polish. Life is starting to return to normal and my inner cosmetics freak is raising it’s head again, big time. Lately I’ve also gotten into indie polish and been shopping a lot of those lately. I hope you guys are gonna be interested in what I’ve found from the indie world too cos there’s gonna be a lot of those coming up.

Oh well, on with the babble and let’s talk about this manicure ;) For this I applied two coats of Models Own Soda Pop Pink and let that dry for a bit. Then I used different size dotting tools with Color Club Where’s The Soiree?, OPI Alpine Snow and Models Own Moody Grey polishes to make the dots. Then I allowed the dots to dry for a little bit before applying the top coat to prevent them from smudging. This was a quick and easy manicure and IMO it looks pretty cool too.



ABC Challenge – B is for Bermuda Breakaway and Broken Tokens


It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly ABC Challenge again. Here’s what I came up with for letter B: China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway with Color Club crackle Broken Tokens. I’m not a big fan of crackle polish and I think this is the first time ever for a crackle manicure on this blog.

China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway is a beautiful ink-y blue creme from their Bahama Blues Winter 2008 collection. So I’ve had this polish for over 4 years now and it’s still as good as new. I believe this was two coats and it was fully opaque.

Color Club Broken Tokens is a silver foil crackle polish from their 2011 Fractured collection. Since I’m not a fan I only got this to test it out and cos it looked a lot prettier than many other crackle polishes out there. It’s definitely worth keeping and I might even use it again on some nail art manicures for special effect.

This mani didn’t turn me into a big crackle fan but I still quite like how it turned out. The colors went well together and the crackle polish wasn’t applied too thickly.

Thanks for reading!



First try on a cloud manicure


I decided to give this cloud manicure a try after seeing Sannu’s blog and her beautiful Christmas nails. From her blog I also found a link to this tutorial on how to do this mani.

I used Color Club’s Ms. Socialite, Worth The Risque and Wild At Heart. I think this turned out quite nice and good looking for my first try. Next I gotta try this with some pastel colors and adding some details.


New Years resolutions: More nail art


This time of the year you usually come up with some New Year’s resolutions. I tend to not make any since I’m really bad at keeping the promises I make to myself. Let’s see how it goes with these ones I make for you guys.

My first New Year’s resolution is that you’ll see a lot more nail art and special manicures on my blog during the year 2013.

Here’s an example photo of a quick tape manicure using Color Club Where’s The Soiree? over China Glaze Ruby Pumps.



Holiday theme month: hmmm… pink!


I came up with the idea of using polish or color that is totally not typical for the season on the blog comment box of the lovely Charming Nails and decided to put the idea in action right away. To be honest I started to get a little bored with gold, red and green and it felt really refreshing to paint my nails neon pink using Color Club Poptastic.

This first try didn’t really turn out too great. I did some different patterns from the XL Christmas stamping plate using white Konad Special polish and added some red acrylic paint for details. I also used Color Club Worth The Risque on my pinky and to add some details and dots.

This idea had potential to be great if I had a little more time to plan and do the decorations. I could’ve done Rudolf with his red nose and maybe some Christmas lights. Add some more color to it. Oh well, I will definitely do this “Not for the season polish” -theme thing again in the future.



Holiday theme month: Purple “bling” manicure


Instead of nail stamping art I decided to do these rhinestone nails this time. The polish is gorgeous Color Club Winter Wonderland from their Holiday 2012 collection. Vibrant purple shade with a lot of pink shimmer. Lovely!

In this mani I used two coats of basecoat, two coats of Glitter Wonderland and INM Super Fast Drying Top Coat. On top of those I glued some different size rhinestones and micro-pearls.



Testing out my dotting tools


Today I wanted to test my dotting tools on yesterday’s Color Club Best Dressed List mani. Dotting tool is such an easy and quick way to do something a little extra for your manicure. Even a complete nail art mess like me can succeed with those :D

For the dots I used Color Club’s Who Are You Wearing? and Charity Ball polishes from the same Rebel Debutante collection. I think these shades go together quite nicely and the result is pretty and very simple. I think I’m gonna do something else later using these same three polishes together.

I find it kinda interesting that Rebel Debutante was a spring collection on 2010 even though most shades look more like fall colors to me.


First try at hand painting using acrylic paint


Lately I’ve been watching tutorials online on how to use acrylic paints for nail art. On paper I’ve also tried to paint something that remotely resembles flowers. Painting straight on my nails for the first time I wanted to try something quick and easy.

I decided to try leopard print nails. Not really my style but I need to start somewhere and practise ;) Not necessarily the best possible result but I’ll show you the pics anyways. I’m hoping to get better at this and later on it’s gonna be cool to compare these first tries with newer ones and see the possible progress. While painting these I noticed I really need a thinner, good quality brush so I can work more detailed.

For these nails I first applied a base coat, two coats of Color Club Wild and Willing polish and dried everything up using Seche Vite. Then I mixed the fuchsia and white paint shown on the photo to get light pink which I used to paint the spots on my nails. After those have dried I used the black paint to do the outlines. Last I applied a little bit of Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light glitter polish on top of the leopard print and finished everything up with another coat of Seche Vite.

My nails are still uneven length, even more now than before. Yesterday I filed the longer ring finger nail to be the same length with the others and two hours later I lost a battle against our car’s trunk and broke the index and middle finger nails from my left hand :/