I’m going through postpartum hair loss for the third time in my life and let me tell you it’s still not enjoyable. So I’ve experienced this twice before and it still freaks me out. I feel like I’m going to be bald any day now. This time the difference is that I’m getting a little outside help. I’m part of a test group and I get to test a product that is going to be sold in pharmacies here in Finland starting February. I tell you the timing couldn’t be more perfect than this. I got 4 months worth of these pills and I started taking them last week. Naturally when it comes to hair and nails nothing works in days but I hope to see some results in a couple of months.

I think the hair is still going to fall off either way but I hope this product will help me grow new hair faster and stronger. Even if this exact product is only sold in Finland I’m still going to keep everyone updated on this project too since something similar is probably available in many countries.



Right now I’ve been growing my own hair color back since late October 2013. So bleaching or hair dyes are not going to play any part in this project. It’s been relaxing just letting my own color grow out and having a healthy shiny hair is a great bonus. Now this postpartum hair loss has come to haunt me again and like my nails and eyebrows, my hair is also very thin so I can’t really afford to lose hair like this.

I’ll take some before photos this week and take some after photos when I hit two and four months. Fingers crossed that this helps me to continue my hair growing project.